Group says it plans to sue Buffalo over district plan

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Not long after being signed, the new City of Buffalo district maps are still being met with controversy.

On Tuesday morning, a group called “Our City Action Buffalo” posted a thread on Twitter in opposition to the reapportionment map.

“The redistricting process in Buffalo has exposed a great deal about our city government, how it regards democracy, and how it treats the people it is supposed to serve,” they wrote on Twitter.

Saying “We will not back down,” the group says it will be filing a lawsuit against the city “in the coming days.” They shared a link where people can donate to the legal fund if they wish to.

Those in opposition to the map say it splits communities and doesn’t represent the city’s population changes.

“The maps that were done by the reapportionment commission, forwarded to the council, reviewed by the council and then sent to me, I see no legal basis for a challenge, but that is the right of these individuals,” Mayor Byron Brown said.

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