Group sets dumpster on fire at police precinct, damages several buildings in North and NE Portland, police say

Several businesses and bus shelters were damaged, and a trash bin at a police precinct was set on fire following a Saturday night gathering at Peninsula Park, police said.

According to police, a group of people assembled at Peninsula Park, at 700 North Rosa Parks Way, at about 8 pm Saturday. At about 9 pm, members of the group began to march.

Some people broke windows and launched explosive devices into a coffee shop on Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, police said. Police said one bank had its windows broken and another bank was spray-painted with graffiti in the 5700 block of Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. According to police, three bus shelters were also damaged, and several street signs were painted with graffiti.

Police said “one or more suspects” also started a fire in a trash bin at the Portland Police North Precinct. Portland Fire and Rescue was called to put out the fire, police said.

Coffee shop windows broken in Portland on Saturday

Portland police say that some people who gathered for a demonstration at Peninsula Park in Portland Saturday night damaged businesses, including breaking windows at a coffee shop. (Photo: Courtesy Portland Police)

According to posts on social mediathe Peninsula Park gathering and march were intended as a demonstration calling for justice for Patrick Lyoya, who was shot and killed by a police officer in Grand Rapids, Michigan during a traffic stop April 4. Lyoya, who moved to the United States with his family from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2014, was shot in the back of the head by the police officer as he lay face down on the ground, video released this week shows.

Demonstrators in Grand Rapids have gathered to protest the shooting and call for the release of the name of the officer who shot Lyoya. The officer, who is reportedly on paid leave while Michigan State Police investigate, has not yet been identified.

More than 250 people have been fatally shot by on-duty police officers nationwide this year, according to a Washington Post database.

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