Henry Cavill Joins the X-Men as Cyclops in Stunning Fan Art

Beautifully rendered fan art of the X-Men’s Cyclops casts The Witcher actor Henry Cavill as the optic blast-wielding mutant and longtime team leader.

One artist has fan-cast Henry Cavill as the X-Men‘s longtime leader, Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops, in a stunning piece of fan art.

Artist @clemens.ink took to Instagram to share their work of the eye-blasting mutant, which portrays a close-up headshot of Cavill beneath a glowing red visor. Parts of a blue costume can be seen holding the visor in place and connecting to the rest of Cyclops’ body along his neck and torso. With some additional thin yellow trim on his chest, the transformation from an actor into a mutant warrior is complete.

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Although this rendition of Cyclops is fan-made, Cavill wouldn’t be out of his element playing a comic book superhero, especially one that fire lasers from their eyes. As the DC Extended Universe’s original Superman, he has plenty of experience playing a powerful loner throughout his appearances in Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. However, he’d likely play an older, more mature version of Cyclops, similar to James Marsden in the original X-Men film trilogy, than the one currently played by Tye Sheridan in the X-Men prequel films.

The costume Cavill is pictured in resembles an altered version of Cyclops’ outfit that was designed by Jim Lee. Debuting in 1991’s X-Men #1 and appearing as Cyclops’ costume in X-Men: The Animated Series, Lee’s design removed the skullcap of his original costume and added in a yellow band across the chest with a clasp featuring an X. The art appears to draw inspiration from Lee’s version, with an open top for Cavill’s hair to stick out and some added yellow to the mostly blue suit. However, the large visor included is noticeably sleeker than the bulky yellow device that Summers wears most frequently.

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The X-Men’s Cyclops is a mutant with the ability to fire powerful optic blasts, although his control of them is only made possible by a “ruby quartz” visor. Without the visor, the blasts would fire continuously as long as his eyes were open. Summers’ ability manifested itself in early childhood after the death of his parents and his separation from his brother Alex. The young Scott ran away from the orphanage where he was being raised only to be found by the telepath Professor Xavier and taken to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

Scott would go on to form a romance with fellow mutant and student Jean Grey, as well as become the X-Men’s first leader. He remains one of Marvel Comics’ most iconic characters.

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