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School children should be taught about the Hillsborough disaster as part of the national curriculum, MPs have been told.

Labor’s Ian Byrne, who survived the tragedy in 1989, wants the events of the past 32 years and the ongoing campaign for justice to be included in the education program.

Sir. Byrne, MP for the Liverpool West Derby, has given emotional testimony in Parliament about his experience of the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest on Sheffield Wednesday’s pitch.

He fought back tears earlier this year, talking about how he became “questions”. [his] own eyes “after” smears “and” lies “were pushed by the police and other establishment figures.

MP Ian Byrne survived the disaster in 1989. Photo: The British Parliament / Jessica Taylor

Survivors and the families of the 97 fans who lost their lives as a result of the disaster have been involved in one three decades of campaigning for justice.

Sir. Byrne has received support from 30 other MPs for his proposal made in the House of Commons.

His Early Daily Proposal (EDM) states: “That Parliament recognizes that 32 years later Hillsborough disaster, criminal trials collapsed in May 2021, and no one has been held accountable for the illegal killings of 97 innocent people.

“[It] acknowledges that it took 23 years of campaigns for the truth about the disaster to finally be recognized in the Hillsborough Independent Panel, and for lies and smears about victims and survivors to be corrected.

“[It] further acknowledges that it took 27 years before the true investigative sentences of unlawful homicide were recorded.

“[It] recognizes the Honorable Member’s important work for Garston and Halewood (Labour’s Maria Eagle) in getting Parliament to learn from the disaster and her work in enacting legislation that will ensure that bereaved families and survivors of future disasters never go through the injustices, such as the Hillsborough families and the survivors.

A member of the crowd holds a headscarf reading 'justice' during the Hillsborough 27th Anniversary Memorial Service at Anfield, Liverpool
Survivors and the families of the 97 fans who lost their lives have been involved in a three-decade campaign for justice

“[It] further recognizes the important role of education in learning the lesson from the disaster and calls on the government to include the Hillsborough disaster in the national curriculum, an education program that should cover the events of the last 32 years, the ongoing campaign for justice and how we ensure that events on that fateful day will not be forgotten and that the subsequent legal disturbance will never be repeated. “

An EDM is a formal proposal submitted for debate in the Commons, although very few are actually debated.

Ms Eagle has proposed setting up a dedicated independent counselor to work on behalf of families left behind in major disasters through her Public Lawyers Act.

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