Hopwood Hall receives a £ 460,000 grant for repairs

A dilapidated Grade II listed building in Middleton will now receive a £ 460,000 grant to help with the repairs.

The grant, from Historic England, will go to the restoration of Hopwood Hall, and will be 25 percent match-funded by Rochdale Borough Council.

The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has announced that the rescue of the Hopwood Hall Estate has been awarded a grant thanks to the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund.

The Hopwood Hall Estate project will receive a grant of £ 460,000 consisting of a ‘Heritage Stimulus Fund’ grant from Historic England of £ 368,294 and 25 per cent match funding of £ 92,073 from Rochdale Borough Council, bringing the total amount to approx. £ 460,000

This is the most significant grant to date and is a game-changer for the future of the Hall.

Hopwood DePree, president of the charity Hopwood Foundation, said “This is truly amazing news and will ensure that we can move forward and get ever closer to the dream of restoring this beautiful building as an accessible place for the community and beyond.

“The repairs will include additional critical work on the roof and structure, including brick repairs, mortar work and a continuation of the leaded window repair program that has been supported by helping hands from volunteers.

“It has been a massive effort by the whole community to come together to save this historically important building.

“Of course, we will continue to document the progress of our ‘Friends’ newsletter and YouTube channel so followers can follow.”

Hopwood Depree

Hopwood DePree, from Michigan in the USA, believes that his ancestors are the ones who originally lived in the now dilapidated Hopwood Hall.

DePree came across Hopwood Hall while examining his family tree, and has in an interview with Good Morning Britain previously said that one of the main rooms in the house is “where his 14th great-grandfather was born.”

DePree was originally told of a mythical “castle” by his own grandfather and thought it was originally a fairy tale before falling over it a year later when he was researching his genealogy.

Managed on behalf of DCMS by Historic England, 142 sites receive second-round support from the Heritage Stimulus Fund, which strengthens local economies and supports jobs across the country.

Councilor John Blundell, Cabinet member for finance at Rochdale Borough Council, said: “It’s great to see more investment go into Hopwood Hall to support the continued restoration if this important part of our district’s extensive heritage and bring it back into shape. for public use.

“In addition to this £ 368k grant from the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund through Historic England, we have also awarded the scheme an additional £ 92k in municipal funding.

“This vital money injection will fund important repair work on the building, especially around the roof, and help provide additional training and resources to the many dedicated volunteers who have been such an important part of this incredible project.”

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