How much does it cost for house clearance services in London?

If you live in London, which is great, first of all, and the second thing is that you need a house clearance service, then you might think about the cost it will take, right?

So, in this article, everything has been mentioned perfectly about the house clearance service and how much it costs in London. So just check this out!

You would be surprised to know How much it costs for house clearance services in London: It’s very easy and cheaper to get a brief idea about how you can get rid of unwanted trash, and more convenient than what people expect. The best part is that you can look up to your important work or sit back and relax until your house is cleaned.

The thing is that the cost of a house cleaning service depends specifically on the volume and size of the property and the area it covers.

There are quite a few factors which depend on How much does it cost for house clearance services in London:

● size of the property you own

● the frequency of junk needed for disposal

● Form of a waste considering whether or not you need any particular disposal measures.

How Does House Clearance Service Work?

Before calling for a house clearance service, you should know how the service works and the professional same day rubbish removal company in london to provide you with this service.

Choosing the Right Company

Always make comparisons before choosing any company for the house clearance. Search for those offering competitive prices, and compare their reviews and ratings given by previous clients. Assure that the company is duly registered with the Environment Agency and a registered VAT number and genuine contact details.

Preparing the Clearance

You have to prepare things for the clearance. You can collect all the stuff and then separate the good ones you want to keep from those you want to dispose of. Remember to label the boxes with disposal items to understand better at the time of clearance.

During the Clearance

Assure that all the items tagged for removal are disposed of. All the waste, rubbish, and furniture which is no longer required. You can ask the professionals to refer to their resale value for items you want to resell before taking them away.

After Clearance

Now the steps are important for the service company. Here you will be asked to give feedback on the quality of service you like.

The cost for clearance for the normal 3BHK in London is approximately £ 750 + VAT. Hence, if you own a 2BHK house, maisonette, then you’re required to pay less than this, which is an obvious thing. And if you have a large property, you have to pay more.

The cost to recycle general household waste in London can vary significantly. These costs can be as much as £ 200.00 per tonne depending on the recycling station’s area. Most house clearance companies in London used Luton vans for accessibility. These vans normally carry up to 1.5 tonnes. This price excludes many objects that you would find on your property, and clearance agencies will have to pay more to recycle items. However, the standard minimum cost is £ 180.00 per van load.

Fees for house clearing services range from around £ 100 to £ 200 for a little removal, which can amount to 500kg or half of a large van load.

A modest clearance procedure to 750kg or three-quarters of such a large van load will cost £ 250 and £ 300.

Finally, if you’re planning to clear a large house weighing up to 1,000kg or a van’s full load, you may expect to pay between £ 300 and £ 350.

The cost of clearing a house varies depending on where you are in the UK. For a typical three-bedroom house in London, clearance costs around £ 750 + VAT. Finally, you are willing to spend less money regardless of where you live.

Different Costs that You can Incur when Hiring House Clearance Services?

Wages of staffs

If you hire from big companies, you get the professional house clearance service, with three specialists, for safety, health, and insurance purposes. Various companies have different charges, but the minimum cost is £ 216.

Waste Recycling Costs

House clearance companies like Snappy Rubbish Removalsare required to be registered with the Environment Agency. These companies can not use council waste sites. They ought to pay at Licensed Commercial Waste Stations for legal waste disposal and compliance with government legislation.

Recycling cost varies between companies. They are charged by weight, where one ton is the base rate. Most companies prefer to use Luton vans which carry approximately 1.5 tons. The charges are between £ 180-and and £ 200 for each van load. Different household items attract additional recycling costs. For example, mattresses are recycled in groups of three, each going for £ 20, fridges and freezers attract a minimum of £ 40 each.

Electrical goods, including iron, toasters, kettles, and radios, are charged a minimum of £ 5 for each item. This price for every ten households attending will vary depending on their sizes. Chemicals, tires, asbestos, and gas cylinders are charged individually. Most house clearance companies will not take them due to the costs incurred by disposing of them.

Vehicle Costs

Most house clearance companies renew their vehicles after every two to three years to ensure reliability. Purchasing a new Luton van will cost you £ 26,000. However, you can hire it for £ 60 a day. They also quote a minimum of £ 20 for fuel costs.


You should hire a reputable corporation with legitimate licenses and insurance. Professionals from these organizations could be registered with the Environment Agency and could be carrying a card displaying their registration info. The coverage will help cowl your own home against any unintentional harm or team of workers’ damage. It attracts at least three eightyfive powerful walks of the business enterprise, organizations incur upkeep fees with smartphone traces, websites, and condo charges. This draws a minimal charge of £ 25. The overall common residence clearance fee involves around £ 759.

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