How to get to Manchester Christmas Markets by public transport

Manchester’s Christmas markets return on November 12 – when the city gets in a good and thorough mood.

After being canceled last year due to coronavirus restrictions, the annual festive markets will return with new features and spread across seven locations in the center of Manchester.

And this year, Piccadilly Gardens will be the focal point of the Christmas markets with the new Winter Gardens installation of food, drinks and market stalls.

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Alongside this we will see the return of some classic and iconic stalls selling food, gifts and more.

Due to the town hall on St. Renovating St. Peter’s Square, Christmas markets will be scattered around the city at hubs, including St Ann’s Square, Exchange Square, New Cathedral Street, King Street, Market Street and Cathedral Gardens.

While it’s exciting to see the Christmas markets open again, many may fear how busy it will be in the city center throughout the festive season.

Manchester Christmas Markets 2021

To make the journey a little easier so you can fully enjoy the markets without worrying about rush hour, you can use public transportation.

Fortunately, there are many public transport options in Manchester that can take you directly to the Christmas markets.

From trams to buses, we have gathered the various public transport options to make the festive commute a little easier.


The nearest tram stop to the main hub is Picadilly Gardens

The nearest tram stop to Piccadilly Gardens is just a stone’s throw from the Winter Gardens, Exchange Square is the closest, yep Exchange Square Market, New Cathedral Street, Exchange Street and St Ann’s Square and King Street while Cathedral Gardens is the closest to Victoria Tram Stop.

These are all zone 1 stops on the Greater Manchester Metrolink light rail system that you must choose when purchasing a ticket.

For a Zone 1-only ticket, a single Adult Anytime ticket for a single trip costs a paltry £ 1.40 and £ 2.70 for an Adult Anytime travel card.

If you think you’re going to be going to the Christmas markets a lot this season, you can buy an Adult 28 Day Anytime travel card, which only costs £ 36.40 for Zone 1.

Tickets can be purchased at any tram stop via the ticket machines or on Metrolink’s app, which works on iOS and Android.

For route maps and timetables click here.


Northern Rail train
The nearest train station to the main hub is Picadilly Station

The nearest main train station to the main markets of the Christmas markets is Piccadilly Station.

It’s about a 10 minute walk away from Piccadilly Gardens and is essentially a straight line away from the station, so you’re highly unlikely to get lost.

Victoria is the closest station to Cathedral Gardens Market and the stalls of Exchange Square and St Ann’s Square.

Deansgate is the closest station to the King Street end of festivities.

A travel planner, route map and timetables are available from National Rail.

Bus stop

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Picadilly bus station is incredibly close to the main hub this year

Piccadilly Bus Station is just meters from Piccadilly Gardens and is the best bus stop to reach the main hub.

The next best option is the Shudehill Interchange, which is just under a mile away from the main street but which includes a lovely walk past the Arndale Center and through Market Street stalls.

The Shudehill Interchange also provides easy access to the Cathedral Gardens markets, Exchange Square, St Ann’s Square and King Street.

There is also the free city center bus that runs on three different routes through the city center daily at ten minute intervals.

A travel planner, route map and schedules are available from Transport For Greater Manchester.


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