Humza Yousaf furious after Boris Johnson pictured on hospital visit without a mask

HUMZA Yousaf has accused the Prime Minister of being irresponsible after he was photographed without a face mask while visiting a hospital.

Boris Johnson visited a hospital in Northumberland yesterday to see how staff coped with the coronavirus pandemic.

But in a series of photos, he was not depicted wearing a face mask while standing with masked medical staff.

He was also seen ‘elbow bumping’ with staff, but not wearing face mask.

Critics have accused the Prime Minister of negligence, including Scottish Health Minister Humza Yousaf, who said he had been “swallowed”.

In an angry tweet this morning, Mr Yousaf said: “Blacksmith in the picture of Prime Minister strutting around in a hospital without a mask.

“The level of irresponsibility is astounding.

“We know that masks protect others, why would you consciously choose not to wear one when meeting healthcare professionals?

“Just a complete and utter lack of leadership.”

Dominic Raab was asked about the photos during this morning’s interview rounds, where he defended his boss and said he “follows all protocols”.

He was reading the guidance from the Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the hospital.

The guide stated, “Anyone who visits our hospitals and communities must continue to wear face cover at all times to protect patients, visitors and staff.”

Raab replied: “I know the Prime Minister took the advice of the clinical framework he was in and followed all the protocols and procedures used there and that is what everyone should do.”

Asked about the instructions specifically, and whether it meant that Mr Johnson did not follow the rules, Mr Raab said: “No, precisely because, as you said, in the environment where it was required, he wore a mask.”

HeraldScotland: Prime Minister Boris Johnson meets with medical staff during a visit to Hexham General Hospital in Northumberland.  Monday, November 8, 2021.Prime Minister Boris Johnson meets with medical staff during a visit to Hexham General Hospital in Northumberland. Monday, November 8, 2021.

However, ITV Good Morning Britain contributor Dr. Hilary Jones that it was “ridiculous” that the Prime Minister failed to set an example.

‘He should have been wearing a mask. He should have been an example, especially in a hospital, when today’s headlines scream that 11,000 people caught Covid in a hospital.

“It’s ridiculous. No one had the courage to say ‘Prime Minister, put on a mask, otherwise you can not enter.’ That is what should have happened. ”

In a statement posted on social media, the NHS trust said Mr Johnson had worn a face mask in each of the clinical areas he visited.

“Be assured that infection prevention and control remains a top priority for our trust,” it said.

“The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, followed strict measures, including wearing a mask, in every clinical area he visited.”

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