‘I think we’re in a good spot’: Bulls looking to rebound in Game 2 against the Milwaukee Bucks

CHICAGO (CBS) – The Bulls may be down 1-0 to the Milwaukee Bucks, but they’ve already got a dub to start this week.

They’ll pick 18th in this year’s draft after winning a coin flip tiebreaker with the T-Wolves. CBS 2’s Jackie Kostek on a Bulls team trying to rebound Wednesday in game two.

“I do not think we’re down on ourselves. I do not think we’re taking a moral victory from it by any means. I think we’re in a good spot,” said Alex Caruso.

The Bulls not planning to make any major adjustments ahead of Game two, focusing on details and hoping to get into shooting rhythm after the Big Three shot just 21 of 71 from the field.

“The focus to me for our team should not be on shooting the ball. We have to live with good shots. Once the ball leaves a player’s hands, that’s out of everybody’s control. I hope they all go in but it can not be about that, “added coach Billy Donovan.

Donovan said what it should be about is getting back in transition quicker, blocking, rebounding and not taking bad fouls. Donovan is aware though of the playoff learning curve with several players getting postseason for the first time.

“You know, this is what you work hard for all season. But when you’re a kid, you watch NBA playoffs and this is the moment you live for so we all have worked our whole lives to be here so we’re going to compete, play hard, whatever that looks like, “added Coby White.

About the Bucks, Billy Donovan said they are battle tested and that’s something the Bulls need to learn about quickly. Donovan said that comes from getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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