Inside the ‘world loneliest home’ on sale for £ 250,000

Hide away from the world on your own island (Picture: Bold Coast Properties)

Looking for a secluded property away from the rest of the world?

Well, this unique one-bedroom home is on sale for £ 260,000 through Bold Coast Properties – and it even comes with its own deserted island.

The isolated property was first built in 2009 and is located on Duck Ledges, Wohoa Bay in Washington County, Maine, USA.

With unrivalled views of the Atlantic Ocean, the property has no bathroom or neighbors and has been dubbed the ‘world’s loneliest home.’

The cottage is situated just a few feet from the water’s edge on either side giving prospective buyers 360 degree views of nature.

A picture of the island

The island is on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean (Picture: Bold Coast Properties)

Though it is small, the beautifully-crafted wooden home is ideal for those who want to live a simple lifestyle.

The listing states: ‘There is no better place to spend the weekend in the world.

The exterior of the home

Adorable (Picture: Bold Coast Properties)

‘The ledges surrounding the island are loaded with seals for constant entertainment.

The interior of the home

The interior of the home (Picture: Bold Coast Properties)

‘Good anchorage and good landing points at any tide.

‘Mooring included adjacent the island and just a short boat ride from Jonesport public marina or Addison facility.’

The home is very similar to property found on Just Room Enough Island in Canada which is the smallest inhabited island in the world.

Sleeping quarters in the home

The sleeping quarters are comfortable (Picture: Bold Coast Properties)

Sat in the middle of Canada’s Saint Lawrence river is a picturesque home that was purchased in the 1950’s by the Sizeland family as a holiday home.

Despite its small surface area of ​​3,300 square feet, the island also has a tree, shrubs and even a small beach to soak up the sun.

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