‘It’s A Sin’ Creator Slams UK Tory Government And Channel 4 Sale Plan – Deadline

One of the UK’s most successful TV writers and producers has left no one in any doubt as to his opinion of the British government and their decisions, calling the members of the leading Conservative party “murderers, bastards, abusers and liars”. 


Russell T. Davies, credited with revitalising Doctor Who back in 2005 and whose recent Aids crisis drama It’s A Sin has won a sleight of awards, made the remarks when he collected a gong for his drama at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards.


In a clip that has been viewed nearly half a million times on Twitter since it was posted on Thursday evening, Davies tells the crowd that the plan to privatise Channel 4 – which broadcast his hit show – was “wrong” and urged Tory voters to fight the scheme. He said: “I know I’m speaking to the converted. But there’s money in this room, that means there’s Tory voters in here. So please know you are voting for murderers, bastards, abusers and liars.”


While the plan to sell off the channel – justified by the government as making it easier for Channel 4 to compete in the big-budget streaming-dominated era – is no longer as robust as it seemed prior to Boris Johnson’s resignation, Davies warned the many critics of the scheme, from across the British television industry, to remain vigilant and vocal.


“I know the government’s wounded at the moment, but it’s like a wounded dog. A wounded dog bites everyone. It’s still in danger.”

Davies successfully rebooted Doctor Who for the BBC in 2005, and will soon be returning to run the show with Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa in the title role.


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