She’s worked with R. Kelly and even considered him to be like a sibling, and like many others, Kelly Price has come forward with her memories of the disgraced singer. Kelly is currently incarcerated as he continues to fight ongoing cases related to sexual assault and misconduct. While he remains adamant that the allegations against him aren’t true, more R. Kelly tales are being revealed through Price.

In an interview with Vlad TV, Price said she met Kelly through Diddy after Kelly heard her vocals in the studio. While speaking about her relationship with Kelly, Price shared that although he was older than her, she became like an “older sister” to the singer.

Jason Kempin / Staff / Getty Images

“Our relationship remained professional. He never brought anything around me,” she said. “People don’t believe it but he never, ever brought anything around me. He never acted weird. He never tried to make a pass.” Although she wasn’t “exposed” to the things that others claim to have witnessed, she did admit that she had “heard rumors.”

“The rumors were that he liked underage girls, he never had underage girls around me,” said Price. She suggested that she was so close with Kelly’s wife and kids at the time that he knew if something occurred, she wouldn’t keep his secrets.

“I think where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” she added. “In this business, and nobody really wants to talk about it, in this business, that’s not odd, that’s actually the culture. It’s the culture… I’ve seen mothers bring their daughters backstage. And that’s the thing nobody wants to talk about.” Watch the clip of Kelly Price’s interview below.