Jamie Spears Skewered by Britney Spears’ Attorney: Move On! Leave Britney Alone!

In many ways, right now is one of the best times in Britney Spears’ life.

She is free of her conservatorship. She is pregnant by the man that she loves.

But there are some lingering ties connecting her to her dad — a legal entanglement that Jamie seems to be trying to prolong.

Britney’s attorney is putting her widely reviled dad on blast, demanding that he do the right thing and move on with his life.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Mathew Rosengart is firing back against a subpoena from Jamie Spears.

Britney Spears’ attorney demands that Jamie appear for a deposition, accusing him of “hiding.”

He is also hitting back as Jamie aims to obtain Britney’s private records.

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Jamie is trying to obtain business records from Kroll Associates, who are not a party to the case.

Rosengart accuses Jamie’s subpoena of being “extremely overbroad, unduly burdensome, and oppressive.”

Additionally, Jamie is seeking “private, investigative, and confidential information” that Rosengart does not believe that he should have.

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What’s more is that Rosengart brought Kroll into the case as a “consultant” as he acted upon the wishes of his client.

Because of that, he cites attorney-client privilege and attorney work-product doctrine.

In other words, because he enlisted Kroll Associates in his capacity as Britney’s attorney, their work in that context is privileged … which, if true, sounds pretty open-and-shut.

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Rosengart also recalls attempting to work out this issue with Jamie’s team … to no avail.

He tried to schedule a phone call, but Team Jamie didn’t seem interested enough to even pencil in a day and time.

So what is this really all about?

Britney Spears in April 2022

Jamie raked in over $6 million from Britney’s estate while acting as her custodian and jailer, but his time as conservator ended last year.

According to Rosengart, this change of status has not stopped him from trying to “importune, seeking to harass, intimidate, and bully” Britney.

The subpoena, he notes, is just one example.

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“It has been an honor to represent and seek to protect Britney Spears from further trauma and abuse,” Rosengart expressed.

“In that regard, we respectfully submit that a decent father, a father who truly loved his daughter and wished to “protect” her (as he claims),” he wrote.

Rosengart suggested that such a father “would place his daughter’s interests above his own — as a fiduciary is also required to do.”

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“Such a father would show grace and decency,” Rosengart noted.

“And,” he wrote, a decent father would “cease and desist from bullying and harassing his daughter.”

Rosengart expressed a desire and a moral obligation for Jamie to “simply move on” and let Britney live her life in peace.

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When it comes to court matters, Rosengart added that Jamie should “tell the truth rather than obfuscating and stonewalling.”

He also needs to professionally transfer all files from the conservatorship, including counsel communications from that time.

Jamie also needs to testify under oath about the conservatorship — something that many believe Jamie fears doing.

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When you testify under oath, lying is a crime.

However, confessing to criminal behavior is not exactly ideal, either.

Many believe, and Rosengart has also suggested this, that Jamie believes this to be an impossible situation that he wants to avoid at all costs.

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From Jamie’s dealings with Tri-STar Sports & Entertainment to his work with Black Box Security, Rosengart wants answers.

The former involves the now-infamous Lou Taylor, whom Britney has personally called out.

The latter is the company accused of planting spy equipment to monitor Britney, even in her own bedroom.

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All in all, Rosengart just wants what we all want — for Jamie to leave Britney alone.

“He should then finish his final ministerial duties, submit the final accounting, leave his daughter alone, and move on,” Rosengart wrote.

He also noted that Jamie has “failed no less than three times to appear for his deposition.”

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