Jaro Education partners with IIT Palakkad to offer techno functional programs

Jaro Education partners with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Palakkad, to present online techno-functional programs for techno managers to boom in IT careers. Through the collaboration, Jaro Education aims to provide post graduation certification programs in cloud computing and cyber security.

According to the institution, upon completion of the program, professionals will receive an alumni status along with PG Certification. The institution will provide live online classes through synchronous and asynchronous learning modes. Candidates will also be provided with an online technology program from IIT Palakkad.

According to Jaro Education, through the techno-functional course, students will be introduced to Big Data programming patterns, such as map-reduce, continuous dataflow, and NoSQL storage systems to build cloud applications.

Recently, Jaro Education has announced an allocation of Rs 150 million for their second round of ESOPs and Rs 1,000 million as their marketing budget.

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