‘Karein Shuru?’: MF distribution as a career option – AMFI to launch mutual funds distributor recruitment campaign

Industry body AMFI on Tuesday unveiled its mutual funds distributor recruitment campaign ‘Karein Shuru?’, which includes television commercials promoting MF distribution as a career option.

The comprehensive campaign reinforces the need and attractiveness of mutual funds distribution as a career option with long-term earning potential for individuals with entrepreneurial aspirations, the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) said in a statement.

The launch includes four TV commercials depicting how individuals from different walks of life — be they fresh college graduates, individuals in rural India, mid-career professionals or small business owners and entrepreneurs — have opted for mutual fund distribution as a profession.

The campaign targets women looking to re-enter the workforce, retired professionals, enterprising fresh graduates and individuals with entrepreneurial aspirations.

The campaign will run on TV, newspapers and digital ads.

“The Indian mutual funds industry has the potential to cross Rs 100 trillion in AUM before 2030. With only about 1.25 lakh Mutual Funds Distributors as of now, the reach of intermediaries is limited.

“Given this under-penetration, we expect and hope that the ‘Karein Shuru?’ campaign would help the Indian Mutual Fund industry to onboard more distributors and reach out to a larger investor base across the country,” AMFI Chairman A Balasubramanian said.

“Becoming a Mutual Funds Distributor (MFD) needs less than Rs 5000 as initial investment,” Balasubramanian said, adding “over time a combination of legacy business, new flows, and market appreciation could help Mutual Fund Distributors grow their earnings at an exponential rate. Market appreciation alone would have grown a MFD’s earnings from X to 16X over the past 20 years.”


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