Keir Starmer supports Labor’s mid-term nomination with Owen Paterson

Keir Starmer said North Shropshire deserves a Member of Parliament who will “work to improve their lives and their communities”

The 26-year-old has now been congratulated by Sir Keir, who has also fired a farewell shot at the former MP.

“The people of North Shropshire deserve a Member of Parliament who will work to improve their lives and their communities, not for their own pockets,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Ben will stand up against corruption and stand up for North Shropshire.”

Following his election as a Labor candidate, Mr Wood said the midterm elections were “caused by Tory sleaze and the Prime Minister’s refusal to deal with corruption”.

Ben Wood, 26, will fight the Labor midterm elections

He added: “Local people are rightly proud of where they live and they have been let down very hard. This by-election gives them the chance to scrub North Shropshire clean for Tory sleaze.

“We need a Member of Parliament who will address the failures of the Conservatives in North Shropshire – about fighting crime, about tackling the cost-of-living crisis, about underfunding local services and about failing to address the climate crisis.”

The Conservatives also elected their candidate this weekend.

Dr. Shastri-Hurst, 38, said he was keen to show the people of North Shropshire that he is “the best candidate to represent them”, adding: “Along with a commitment to public service, I have integrity, loyalty and respect for others that I will demonstrate to communities throughout North Shropshire during the campaign. “

Dr. Neil Shastri-Hurst has been selected by the Conservatives as their candidate in the North Shropshire midterm elections

The messages from Mr. Wood and Dr. Shastri-Hurst means four candidates have now been publicly named.

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