La Liga boss Javier Tebas is renewing the Man City attack with a claim of “economic doping”.

Javier Tebas has once again spoken publicly about the European Super League and the economic situation in European football.

So, of course, he has taken another slap on the ownership of Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, describing their financial model as ‘economic doping’.

Tebas has been a long-term critic of City ever since their takeover of Sheikh Mansour in 2008 and their rapid progress in European football since then. Similarly, he directs a lot of criticism at Qatar-owned PSG and was a vocal supporter of UEFA’s accusations against City for ‘serious breaches’ of the Financial Fair Play rules in 2020, which were later overturned by the Sports Arbitration Court.

City’s involvement in the failed European Superliga plot therefore had to draw criticism from Tebas, with the plan a direct threat to Spanish football. Although City and most of the other teams quickly withdrew, some are still trying to make it happen.

However, Tebas has made his feelings quite clear on the subject and spoke about ESL at the Social Football Summit in Rome this week.

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“It’s stupid. It would have boosted the problems of European football and would not have solved anything,” he is quoted as saying by SoFoot.

“It would have exacerbated the economic consequences of reducing the revenue from national competitions. In Spain alone, we would have lost 1.9 billion euros due to the Super League.”

Of course, Tebas, however, could not get through a discussion about the economics of elite football without taking up City as he renewed his attacks on the club in the same remarks.

He continued: “It is not normal for a sovereign fund like the one in Qatar to be able to trade indefinitely by continuously injecting money. This creates market inflation and allows clubs in debt to compete with others despite significant losses. .

“What PSG and City are doing is financial doping.”


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