Last opening: Bob Bob Ricard City

What:A reworking of one of London’s most impressive restaurants. Bob Bob Cité has been closed since the first lockdown but is now reopened as Bob Bob Ricard City.S

WHO:Leonid Shutov. The former head of the advertising agency in Moscow launched Bob Bob Ricard close to Carnaby Street in 2008 and followed up with Bob Bob Cité in 2019. He has delayed the reopening of his city side – which is located on the third level of the Leadenhall building – due to Concerns Square Mile is only now busy enough to support such a large restaurant (the space is 15,000 sq ft). He has spent the last six months working on the redesign with Shane Brady of luxury interior design firm BradyWilliams.

Atmosphere:Bob Bob Cité’s dining room, which is rumored to cost £ 25 million to deliver, was spectacular but lacked the cozy, intimate feel of the original Soho venue. Tactics to bring space more in line Bob Bob Ricard includes the strategic use of smoky glass screen to create booths, new lighting, rosewood panels, the addition of velvet curtains and rugs and new art. While Shutov and Brady have largely worked within the framework of the original design, the couple has succeeded in their ambition to cocoon guests into “warmth, luxury and quality”, and the overall aesthetic is certainly reminiscent of the original Bob Bob Ricard.


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