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Riot Games’ expansion of the League of Legends franchise continues with Project L, a hotly anticipated fighting game currently in development.

Riot Games is once again expanding the world of Runeterra with Project L, a fighting game set in the League of Legends universe. League of Legends, one of the most popular MOBAs globally, has been attempting to capture a wider audience by exploring mediums outside of its traditional top-down team-based origins. Riot Games has been trying to expand that fan base by offering the world of League of Legends in new mediums, including a mobile card game, Legends of Runeterra, and their critically acclaimed Netflix show Arcane.

In coordination with their Riot X Arcane event, Riot Games released a new trailer for Project L and unveiled many details about the game. Although it lacks an official title, Project L is confirmed to be an assist-based tag-team fighting game that pits League of Legends characters against each other in 2v2 battles. Despite the list of unknowns, here is what to know about Riot Games’ latest project.

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Project L‘s executive producer and technical lead, Tom and Tony Cannon, revealed the game’s core mechanics and art style in the latest trailer. In the video, they explain that the “hard reads” and “200 IQ plays” that led to some of the most iconic moments in fighting game history inspired them during the game’s development. They also explain that they want to make a game that is easy-to-learn and hard-to-master, with a steady difficulty curve to engage players as they master their favorite characters. Project L aims to be fun for players of all skill levels rather than create a system where new players can defeat pros.

The developers are also investing in server-based rollback netcode for the game’s online component to deliver a smooth fighting game experience whether playing online or offline. Riot Games aims to provide the best possible online play by using a new networking model that utilizes RiotDirect. RiotDirect is currently used to minimize input lag in League of Legends and VALORANT. With this model, only players with poor internet connection or tendencies to rage quit will suffer, improving the gameplay experience for all players.

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The game’s plot is unknown, but the trailer has confirmed multiple playable characters. So far, the roster includes Jinx, Ekko, Darius, Ahri and Katarina. The game embraces League of Legends‘ unique visuals, with characters and stages appearing in a cel-shaded art style. The developers are striving to create characters with powerful yet flexible kits that allow players to play their favorite characters the way they want to play.

For example, the latest trailer showed off Ekko’s kit. He has numerous tools at his disposal that allow him to excel in medium and close-range combat. However, the ability that makes him truly unique is his afterimage. After some attacks, Ekko creates an afterimage that he can rewind to, allowing him to mix up his opponents and keep players guessing at what he will do next. He also has a projectile called Timewinder,  a time grenade that Ekko can use to extend combos or create time distortion fields. The time distortion will slow down his enemy and suspend them into the air, allowing Ekko to close the gap and quickly follow up with a combo.

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Release Date

Project L is in R&D, so the release date is still far off in the future. Currently, the only footage of the game is a “vertical slice” showing off what the direction of the game will look like, which means there is a lot more development time to go before players have a chance to play this title. Riot Games has nearly locked down the core game elements, including gameplay and controls, but the game has yet to implement a dedicated UI, full-roster of champions or complete list of stages.

Riot Games has confirmed that the game will not be shipping in 2021 or 2022, which echos the sentiment that the game is not ready for general play quite yet. Luckily, the team behind the project has committed to providing fans with at least two updates on the game’s progress in 2022, with the first of these updates expected to drop in the early second half of 2022. Although the game’s launch is still a while away, the game’s core concept has promise and Riot Games is investing heavily in making it the best experience possible for fans, new and old.

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