Leonid meteor shower: When to see it near London

This week, the Leonid meteor shower is flying across the nation’s sky, while stargazers get a glimpse of the annual shower.

With meteor showers popping up over London from 17 to 18 November between midnight and dawn.

The annual shower is known for its fast, bright meteors associated with the comet Temple-Tuttle.

With the start of the meteor from the head of the constellation Leo the Lion.

See where to look tonight. (ON)

Best place to see Leonid meteor showers:

If you are planning to stay upstairs to watch the annual shower, it is best to bring a comfortable chair and wrap it warm.

There is no need for binoculars as the naked eye can see the shower but you will need to adjust to the darkness.

To get the best views, stay away from street lighting and light pollution and be in a wide open space where you can scan the night sky.

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