Lib Dems announces Helen Morgan as a candidate for the North Shropshire midterm elections

The Liberal Democrats have announced Helen Morgan as their candidate for the North Shropshire midterm elections.

Helen Morgan, the Liberal Democrats’ candidate in the northern Shropshire by-election

Helen’s top priority for the campaign is to demand better for the district’s local health services, which the Conservatives have taken for granted for years. It comes with the closure of both North Shropshire’s ambulance stations, GP services in crisis and the emergency reception time increasing.

Helen is also passionate about getting a fair deal for Shropshire’s farmers, who are in danger as the Conservatives continue to let them down with disappointing trade deals.

Liberal Democrat candidate for Northern Shropshire midterm Helen Morgan said:

“The residents have a chance to send a strong message to the Conservatives, who have taken people around here for granted for decades.

“If elected, I would fight for investment in our local health services, support our local farmers and end the years when conservatives took our territory for granted. I would be a Member of Parliament who listens to concerns and works hard for our area all year round.

“I am the local candidate who will stand up and fight for our health services in this election. Shropshire’s health services have been crippled by the conservatives, our ambulance stations are closing, our general practitioners are under enormous pressure and the waiting time for the emergency department is rising.

“And it is not just our health care system that has been let down, our farmers are not getting a fair deal from this Conservative government. Residents in our area deserve better.”

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey MP added:

“Helen is an amazing champion with a track record in standing up for communities across North Shropshire. She would be an excellent local MP and she is the only candidate who can beat the Conservatives.

“For too long, the Conservatives have taken North Shropshire for granted, often ignoring the views of the locals. It is a simple choice in this election. Residents can choose Helen, a hard-working local Liberal Democrat and an excellent campaigner, or an unknown Conservative lawyer from Birmingham , which will continue the neglect seen by local health services. ”

In May’s local elections, the party defeated the Conservative leader of the Shropshire Council, came within a knife’s edge of a host of council seats and was the only party to increase their share of the vote.

So far, the Conservatives have chosen Birmingham lawyer Neil Shastri-Hurst, Labor Ben Wood from Oswestry and Reform UK have announced local Kirsty Walmsley as their candidate. Russell Dean, the leader of the party he created in 2013, will also run.

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