Location Northwest | Foreign Minister green light 1,200-home Peel Hall appeal

Approved landscaping for Peel Hall, which can accommodate up to 1,200 homes thanks to a recent Secretary of State decision. Credit: via Appletons

Julia Hattemager

Satnam Millennium has secured approval for its Warrington neighborhood after it was initially rejected in 2017 due to traffic issues.

Satnam aims to build up to 1,200 homes ranging from houses to apartments to bungalows on more than 170 acres of land bordering the M62 to the north and Poplars Avenue, Windermere Avenue and Grasmere Avenue to the south. Of the possible 1,200 homes, 30% would be affordable housing.

The approved master plans include five new access roads, a local shopping center with a grocery store of up to 21,500 sqm, a school and a nursing home. The Planning Inspectorate estimates that the scheme could add DKK 150 million. pounds of private sector investment in the Warrington economy simply from construction efforts.

Referring to the lack of a five-year housing supply in the area and potential economic improvements, the foreign minister said the benefits of the scheme outweighed traffic problems.

However, the secretary noted that it would be necessary to provide motorway improvements, bus links, school facilities and off-street parking to mitigate the impact that the development would have on traffic. Completion of a number of off-site highway works is one of the conditions for approval.

It has been a long road for the Peel Hall project, which was rejected by Warrington Council in 2017 and initially rejected by the Secretary of State in 2018. The Supreme Court overturned the decision in 2019, where the judge claimed the Secretary of State had not taken into account the benefits of the scheme. their decision, had misinterpreted the national planning policy framework and had placed undue emphasis on the delivery capacity of the scheme.

In a statement, a spokesman for the council expressed disappointment with the foreign minister’s decision.

“We understand that many of our residents and communities will be frustrated with the outcome,” they said.

“The details of the decision and the supporting report are long – more than 150 pages – and we need to understand the full content of this documentation before considering the next possible steps.”

The Peel Hall project team is:

  • Appletons – coordination of environmental statements, landscape architects and master planning, ecology and tree cultivation
  • Transportation Planning Associates Hydrology and flood risk
  • Highgate Transport Transport and motorways
  • Nexus Heritage Archeology
  • Miller Goodal Air quality and noise
  • Lichfields Socio-economics and social infrastructure
  • 3D Reid – master planning and block design

Read the Foreign Minister’s decision

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