London knife violence: Sadiq Khan’s masterplan FAILS as shocking new statistics revealed | UK | News

Often crime rates can be brought down with deterrents – merely the threat of being caught. Mr Hedges referenced traffic cameras as an example of making people keep to speed limits. But where crime is unlikely to be punished – for instance, in cases of shoplifting – the nature of the behaviour changes accordingly.

The ex-copper explained: “If you’re going to do something wrong, you have your own personal risk index of how risky you want your behaviour to be. But there will be some sort of assessment of your chance of being caught.

“And if you think, ‘I haven’t seen a police officer in the last two weeks’, then if I walk down the street today, doing something wrong, the chances of me being caught are pretty low.

“There’s a lot of talk about the low detection and prosecution rates, it all leads through to people becoming more confident they’re not going to be found out – and therefore, they’ll get away with whatever they want to do.”

While each and every one of these deaths is tragic, it only reveals a fraction of the overall issue.

ONS data shows that in the first three months of the year, assaults involving an injury or an intent to harm actually increased to 120 percent of what they were at the same time last year (965 to 806). Attempted murders went down marginally from 13 to 11.

But threats to kill also increased from 175 to 226 when comparing the two periods. In the first half of 2022, 1,223 people in London were caught with a blade, compared to 1,415 in January to June last year – a reduction of just 14 percent.

These figures suggest that the additional £140million Mr Khan has invested in the Met has had a limited impact on the tide of violence washing over the capital.

While a large proportion of these incidents could reasonably be blamed on gang-related violence, more incidents appear to not be fitting the pattern.

On July 6, 57-year-old Khurram Butt was stabbed to death while on a busy street. Khalid Khan, 49, reportedly later turned himself in to the police.

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