London property: The small Chelsea one-bedroom ‘house’ the size of a garage for sale for £ 395k

For tens of thousands of Londoners, the hope of buying a place in the capital as a first home is only a dream.

Despite what broadsheets might tell you, it’s not because we spend all our money on avocados and lattes.

And when you look at the houses available on the market, you often paint an even gloomier picture of the situation.

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A property has just been put up for sale on Stewart’s Grove, Chelsea, which is little more than a room.

The property has been dubbed the ‘Reception Room’, according to the ad.

For any Londoner hoping to move into this ‘house’, one room must apparently manage as the bedroom, the dining room, the living room and, thanks to the WFH order, the office.

A slightly different angle on the small home

It is 5 meters by 3.8 meters, making it the size of a car garage.

There are facilities that claim to be a kitchen that boasts little more than a sink and that is the toilet.

There is no garden, neither in front nor behind, with the only way in or out of a door straight from the sidewalk.

And to top it all off, the information reminds potential buyers that the property “needs renovation”.

In the defense of the house it is painted quite colorful.

The offer price is £ 395,000.

But if you were not in the capital, what could that money give you?

Those in Sheffield could get a five-bed detached. house for a similar fee. Five!

Or in France, if you thought bigger, for £ 400,000 you could get yourself a castle (it’s a castle).

Except we’m not in the exotic places. We’re in London. Go figure.

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