London restaurant publishes cult-hangover-cure-cocktail in bottles

Fans of Fergus Henderson’s St John’s restaurant in London will be familiar with Dr Henderson’s hangover cure cocktail, which is now available in bottles.

Henderson’s St John’s restaurant has created its famous hangover cure cocktail, Dr. Henderson, bottled to buy online for the first time ever.

Dark green in color, consisting of Fernet Branca and Crème de Menthe, and with a bitter but fresh taste, the drink is synonymous with St. John and Henderson himself.

Henderson explained the origins of the moody green drink and said: “This is the perfect drink to accompany a night of indulgence. One morning at a hotel in Paris, my father, Brian Henderson, was a little worse at wear and tear after the previous night’s excesses. The bartender mixed this unusually effective concoction and saw him recover so significantly and so remarkably that when he returned the next day, Dr. Henderson appeared on the cocktail list as a tribute. My wise father gave me this excellent drink. “

Among fans of Dr. Henderson is The Clove Club, which offers a Dr. Henderson bonbon at the end of each meal.

Rules that prevent medical claims surrounding bottled alcohol mean the cocktail will be renamed DR Henderson. Its creators do not claim to magically cure hangovers in the morning, but suggest that it can be significantly deflected.

Henderson notes, “These are magical things. You can feel its forces move through your body, go down your throat and then reach all your extremities one by one. Aaah! Most revitalizing.”

Following the huge success of 2019’s bottling of The Fergroni, the label continues to riff on the Depero-designed Campari posters of the 1920s, rethought to refer to another design classic – Fergus Henderson’s round glasses and striped suits.

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