London Sky Pool neighboring development called ‘Dubai-on-Thames’ as apartments ‘not for sale’

Labor councilor Simon Hogg noticed the development on the south bank “Dubai-on-Thames” due to its large number of uninhabited properties

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London: Swimmers enjoy a transparent sky pool in June 2021

A residential building in London has been labeled “Dubai-on-Thames” because part of its homes are said to remain unsold and empty.

Dubai is famous for its towering skyscrapers and luxury life, but the emirate is notoriously oversupplied with properties.

Previous surveys revealed nearly 40 percent of all buildings in the city that were left empty.

And a British development in Vauxhall in the shadow of the luxurious “Sky Pool” is now facing the same crisis, claims local Labor councilor Simon Hogg.

Chinese real estate giant R&F owns Vauxhall Square, One Nine Elms and Thames City, adjacent to Sky Pool’s Embassy Garden, nonetheless had sales of £ 100 million last year.

R&F claims to have properties worth £ 100 million in 2021, which it called a “strong performance by anyone’s standards”


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Despite concerns about empty homes, R&F says their £ 100 million sale for 2021 is a “strong performance by anyone’s standard”.

R & F’s sites are based in Nine Elms, an area famous for its “Sky Pool” – a swimming pool that builds a bridge between two towers 35 meters above the ground, reports My London.

The owners of Nine Elms, Ballymore, and the site operator, Optivo, have been criticized for allegedly preventing tenants with shared ownership from using the smart facilities, such as Sky Pool.

In an earlier report, residents claimed they have “no amenities” and are forced to use a set of routinely neglected “bad doors” while drunk tenants can swim in the sky.

At the Nine Elms site, there are also numerous skyscrapers, cafes, restaurants, and it is also home to the U.S. Embassy.

Local politicians say a complex near the Sky Pool in the Nine Elms is becoming like “Dubai-on-Thames”


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Residents in shared ownership at Nine Elms’ Embassy Gardens development say they are forced to use a set of routinely neglected “poor doors” while full owners can swim 35 feet above the ground in the Sky Pool



Sky Pool and its ‘poor doors’ were built by developer Ballymore and operated by Optivo.

Cllr Hogg tagged the R&F development “Dubai-on-Thames” on Twitter last week.

The comment came after a Wandsworth Council meeting where he voted against development plans citing a lack of “truly affordable housing”.

The US Embassy is now based at the Nine Elms site


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He said at the meeting: “Development has gone too far in this part of town, there are a kind of towers that are sprouting up that people do not know about, developments that exist for overseas investors rather than for local people.”

But Conservative councilor Guy Senior argued that without the overseas investment, there would be no development at all.

Senior said: “Without the overseas investment, this development would not have taken place in the first place.

“So it’s important that we get a minimum of this investment, because of course we would not build otherwise.”

Labor councilor Simon Hogg expressed concern about the lack of “really” affordable local housing in the area



A spokesman for R&F Properties UK told MyLondon: “We have exchanged contracts to sell almost £ 100 million worth of property in the UK by 2021, which is a strong performance by anyone’s standards.

“Sales continue to be strong, with a good pipeline of transactions also to be completed before the end of the year – supported by the recent opening of the Northern Line extension – and we look forward to welcoming our first residents to the Thames City next summer.

“As of November 2021, it is categorically untrue to say that more than half of our sales in the UK are related party transactions.”

A spokesman for Wandsworth Council said: “Nine Elms is home to a thriving and growing community of people living together in all types of housing who have chosen to make this part of London their home.

“The regeneration of this former industrial area will provide 20,000 new homes, including 4,000 affordable homes, 6.5 million square feet of work space plus a pipeline connection to Battersea for the very first time.

“The construction phase has created 20,000 jobs and there will be 25,000 permanently available to locals once the project is completed.”

This record of affordable housing has been highlighted by Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has described Wandsworth as a “fantastic example” of a London borough building the homes that Londoners need.

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