London’s Living Wage for the poorest paid will rise to £ 11.05ph

At least 100,000 of the highest paid Londoners are getting a pay rise, after the Living Wage Foundation announced that London Living Wage was to rise to £ 11.05 an hour.

On the money: The accredited employer logo for living wage

The good news needs to be dampened a bit by the context of how modest the increase is likely to be. Living Wage Foundation’s recommendation represents an increase of 20p per. hour – worth around £ 7 extra in a weekly pay package.

Outside London, Living Wage is set to rise to £ 9.90 an hour, up from £ 9.50.

In contrast to the government minimum wage (or “national wage” for over 23 – £ 8.91 rising to £ 9.50 in April), the real wage is the only wage rate that is independently calculated based on rising cost of living – including fuel, energy, rent and food.

In London, a full-time employee with the new real Living Wage rate would earn an additional £ 4,173 a year compared to a worker on the current NLW, and £ 3,022 more than a worker on next year’s National Living Wage.

The increase in Life Rate rates this year has been largely driven by rising fuel and rent costs.

Marina Ahmad AM: welcome boost

Marina Ahmad, Labor’s London Assembly Economy Spokeswoman, welcomed the announcement.

“When they come out of the incredibly difficult 18 months, low-income Londoners now face rising rents, food prices, energy bills and national insurance contributions.

“Nearly 400,000 workers in the capital are also hit hard by the government’s cut to the universal credit increase.

“That’s why I’m happy to see this increase in the London Living Wage, which will give a welcome boost to the salary packages for around 100,000 Londoners.

“The living wage movement has made great strides over the last 20 years. But I do not think anyone is backing away from the fact that the campaign remains as important as ever with 700,000 jobs in London still unable to pay a decent wage. “

Among the employers who have signed up for the London Living Wage scheme is the Croydon Council, which also had a policy of insisting that all its suppliers and contractors pay London Living Wage.

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