Lorraine Kelly sends love to ‘frail’ co-star recovering in ICU after infection amid cancer

Deborah James, 40, has been the driving force behind Lorraine’s No Butts campaign after she, herself, was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer five years ago

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Deborah James discusses ‘scary’ bowel cancer symptoms in June

Lorraine Kelly sent her love to colleague Deborah James, who she appeared frail as she issued a heartfelt message to the ITV show from ICU.

The program is currently raising awareness of bowel cancer through their No Butts campaign, with the support of Bowel Cancer UK, to spread the word about early diagnosis and awareness of the symptoms ..

Deborah, 40, has been the driving force behind the campaign after she, herself, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer five years ago.

As they relaunched the campaign today for the second year in a row, Deborah was gutted not to be there as she is recovering from an infection she had over the weekend in ICU.

Deborah James is recovering from an infection in ICU



Instead, she shared a message from just outside her room in a hospital gown and bunny ears as she said: “I’m so sad not to be there at the launch of the No Butts campaign. But obviously, my health has had a bit of a ride recently – still in hospital. Actually, sitting outside on the balcony outside ICU but I’m getting better.

“However, I’ve sent my mum along because this year’s campaign is going to be bigger and peachier than ever. We have pants and flags. We’re flying the flag for bowel cancer all around the UK.

Lorraine Kelly sent her love from ICU



“And it’s so important that we continue to raise awareness because ultimately if we stop it and catch it earlier, we can save lives. Thank you guys for being part of that and spreading the word.”

Reacting to her message, Lorraine gushed: “Thank you Deborah! We’re sending you all our love – I know she’s watching this morning.”

She was also joined by Deborah’s mum Heather outside as Lorraine continued: “Heather, as we can see, she’s a wee bit frail, but the spirit is there! She is quite remarkable.”

“Not the Easter we planned,” Heather said. “But a good Easter in a different way. We put the bunny ears on – including me – and we delivered eggs and we got outside of ICU. Now she’s got the infection under control and hopefully she’ll be back dancing soon.”

* Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV

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