Louis Vuitton announces a project to revive London’s Chelsea

Louis Vuitton announces a decade-long project to revive London’s Chelsea

Central London’s first ‘Heritage Forest’ on Pont Street in Chelsea, will be the result of a rewilding partnership between Louis Vuitton, Cadogan and SUGi

‘Miyawaki’, a plant methodology that gives forests four ‘layers’ – shrubs, undergrowth, trees and a crown – is a Japanese concept that has a success rate for tree survival with little or no maintenance. It is this approach that is being adopted by Louis Vuitton, property manager, investor and developer Cadogan and SUGi, the globally recognized organization dedicated to restoring 100% original forests in urban spaces, to an 8-10 year conservation project encapsulating 240 sqm in London’s Chelsea, who want to recreate part of the exclusive area’s Pont Street.

‘The forest will be a green space for local neighbors to find quiet moments of respite and enjoy the joys of nature in a vibrant and busy city,’ says Elise van Middelem, founder of SUGi, about the pocket forest that will see 630 native trees, including Red Campion , Sessile Oak and Hawthorn, plus 77 species of shrubs planted in total. ‘Visitors can enjoy the changing colors of the trees, the aroma of the flowers and the sound of rustling leaves.’

Rewilding London’s Chelsea with 630 native trees and 77 species of shrubs

The planned pocket forest, located close to Louis Vuitton’s Sloane Street street boutique and part of the Cadogan Estate, aims to increase the neighborhood’s biodiversity and highlight an innovative way for businesses and landowners to collaborate in an environmentally conscious way. SUGi’s pocket forests thrive on six continents, restoring the garden at Santiago’s Children’s Hospital in Chile, restoring the King Charlemagne forest in Belgium and creating a bee-friendly forest in Wiltshire, UK. Their reverse place at Chelsea is destined to become self-sustaining within three years.

The urban rewilding project is also in line with Louis Vuitton and Cadogan’s sustainability-focused initiatives. Cadogan has recently launched a 10-year sustainability strategy Chelsea 2030, which maps ambitious goals that contribute to a more sustainable city, including a 25% increase in the Urban Greening Factor over the next decade. Vuitton’s ‘Our Committed Journey’ sustainable development plan is dedicated to conserving natural resources by 2025 based on a set of quantitative targets. An internal positive impact committee has been set up to lead projects like this. §


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