Man abandons dog at Weatherford Parker Co. Animal Shelter

PARKER COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – The Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter is searching for information to help them identify a man who abandoned a dog on April 19.

Do you recognize this truck or the driver? Call the Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter if so.

Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter

He was driving a blue pickup truck.

The shelter shared images of the driver on Facebook with the message, “If you are thinking about abandoning your animal DO NOT DO IT. It is cruel, and it is against the law.”

Additionally, in the comments section of their post, the shelter expressed the man left the dog in “nobody’s hands which is abandonment, whether it was his dog or not. He just dropped it at the gate in nobody’s care and drove away.”

They urged those who want to surrender their pet responsibly, to try and rehome them or “post on, social media, etc, or schedule a time to surrender at the shelter. If you find a stray, call Animal Control to come pick it up, or bring it to the shelter during business hours. It is never okay to abandon an animal. “

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