Manchester United has a perfect chance to unleash the real Jadon Sancho – Tyrone Marshall

Given the abundance of retreats from the English team in November, Jadon Sancho may consider this international break a missed opportunity.

The winger has not quite become the huge hit that everyone expected when he first broke into the English squad, and this month he found himself completely out of the picture.

When Sancho’s long-awaited move to Manchester United was finally confirmed this summer, it should signal the moment when the 21-year-old really became a big star in this country, rather than a person who shines brightly in social media clips that go viral . as he dazzles another unsuspecting Bundesliga defender.

Instead, the £ 73 million signing has been on the periphery of an underperforming team, and instead of becoming a starter for his country, he has disappeared from the scene.

It’s hard to shoot too much of the blame for Sancho’s match on the player himself. He is still adapting to the demands of the Premier League following his success in the Bundesliga, and he has gone from playing in a very cohesive, structured team to one that operates more outside the cuff in terms of attack.

But he has been below par for United, and Gareth Southgate’s decision to overlook him for England’s service could be a wake-up call and a turning point in his season.

The English boss admitted it had been a close call when he included Sancho in the squad for the October internationals, but with his playing time increasingly limited at Old Trafford, he felt he could not have him on board for the last World Cup qualifier against Albania. and San Marino.

“There were a few things last time, in that he had not been on the field for us since the European Championships, so I wanted it to also be out of the way for him and be able to move on from it,” said Southgate.

“Now there are only two games this time. We are in a situation in September where we had three. Last month two, but we were fully aware of how we were going to divide the time.

“We have to win these matches and expect him to come in and reach the level we need without really knowing where he is at the moment, is a bit unrealistic, we feel like a group of coaches watching him play. We can support and back up, but in the end you can not do it forever. “

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Sancho’s international exclusion should not really have come as a surprise. He only started one of United’s six matches between the October and November international breaks, and that came right at the start of that race, in Leicester City. Five consecutive appearances on the bench is his longest run without a start for his new club and he has now gone 567 minutes without an assist or a goal for United.

In the matches against Tottenham, Atalanta and Manchester City, he was prevented by Solskjær going to a back-three and a system without wingers, but that form was abandoned at the break in the derby, and Sancho was the player who benefited, even though he was thrown into a team that already looked knocked out.

After that defeat, Ole Gunnar Solskjær suggested that the switch to a back three was a short-term measure, describing the victory in Tottenham and the more defensive set-up as “not as we want to look”.

It could herald a return to 4-2-3-1, and with his omission from England likely to sting, it might be time to try to let Sancho go and give him a run on the team.

Saturday brings a trip to his first club, in Watford, and he will be desperate to impress people who are still there and the friends he may have during his first years at Vicarage Road before coming to Manchester City at 14.

Sancho has only started back-to-back matches for United once. He started three in a row at the start of his career at the club, but after being the early makeweight after Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s red card in the defeat to the Young Boys, there have only been three starts in 11 games.

As time runs out for Solskjær, it seems that he wants to get United back on the front foot. Giving Sancho a run in the team and the chance to find his feet can be one way to do that.


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