Manchester United sent Brendan Rodgers warning when Liverpool commented

Former Liverpool midfielder Steve McManaman believes a Manchester United switch to Brendan Rodgers is out of the cards due to his affiliation with the Anfield club.

Reports earlier this week claimed without a hitch that Rodgers is lined up in the most likely event that United fire Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

It seems to be a question of when, not whether, Solskjær will be fired after a gloomy series of results dating back to 19 September.

During that period, United have been beaten at home by Liverpool and Manchester City with a combined result of 7-0 and have had to have Cristiano Ronaldo saved them twice against Atalanta in the Champions League.

Leicester City boss Rodgers is the odds favorite to replace Solskjær at Old Trafford, but there is no indication he wants to leave King Power Stadium.

Rodgers has previously talked about his commitment to City: “I’m sure the fans are probably tired of looking at it,” he said fourteen days ago. “At Leicester, there is always a link, there is always an association.

“My focus is always here at Leicester, we try to develop this football club to the next level, where you compete for European football and challenge for honors, and seek to do so consistently.

“Everyone here at the club, from the CEO to the football director, the staff, the players, we are all on the same path with the same vision.”

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McManaman, meanwhile, reckons Rodgers’ previous connection to Liverpool precludes any chance of a move to the red side of Manchester.

“I do not see Brendan going there,” McManaman told bookmakers

“I think he has credentials, yes, but I think his history with Liverpool would be too much for everyone.”

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