Mark Hamill Settles Long-Running ‘Star Wars’ Debate With True Story From The Set

It may not be the biggest debate in the galaxy, but plenty of “Star Wars” fans have wondered over the years: How, exactly, do you pronounce “AT-AT.”

Is it like @-@… or do you say each letter, A-T-A-T?

Screen icon Mark Hamill offered some help after the official Twitter account for the storied franchise recently joked about the imperial walkers with a poll in which the answer was “AT-AT” either way:

The tweet drew thousands of replies and retweets, with writer Tara Dublin asking Hamill for his take:

He added another message, and briefly pinned it to his profile, that indicates there may not be a right answer to any of the names and pronunciations ― and that comes straight from creator George Lucas:

The franchise has embraced Lucas’ vision in this regard.

“You can say at-at, you can say A-T-A-T, and you can say walker. I’m for all three,” he was quoted as saying. “That’s canon because in [“The Clone Wars”] I have imperials say walkers, I have them say at-at, and I have them say A-T-A-T.”

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