Midcap stocks to buy with Anil Singhvi: Short Term, Positional Term and Long-Term Stocks – 3 excellent picks explained by Vikas Sethi

Midcap stocks to buy with Anil Singhvi: In a special edition of SPL Midcap Stocks, Vikas Sethi, Managing Director of Sethi Finmart Pvt Ltd in a chat with Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi said he was bullish on three companies – Craftsman Automation, Carborundum, and Heidelberg cement in the long term, positional and short-term categories, respectively.

Speaking with the market guru, Sethi explained why he thinks investors should buy these stocks for good returns.

Long Term- Craftsman Automation

Sethi recommended Craftsman Automation stocks as his long-term pick. He reminded that this stock was also recommended last week on the show ‘Bazar Aaj Aur Kal’ at the level of Rs 2200 and within 10 days, this stock comes to the level of Rs 2500. He added, that this stock is a good long-term pick.  

This company is known for precision manufacturing, Sethi said, adding that this company caters automotive segment, industrial segment, and engineering segment. It also has more than 12 manufacturing facilities, he said. Fundamentals are very strong and march quarter results were also excellent, plus valuations are also good. FIIs and DIIs own 18.4% stakes in this company.
Target: 912
Stop Loss: Rs 3200

Positional Pick: Carborundum Universal
Sethi recommended Carborundum stocks as his positional-term pick. He said this stock is trading at the level of Rs 797 – Rs 798. He reminded that this stock was originally recommended by him at the level of Rs 270. This is a good quality company, he added.

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The company belongs to Murugappa Group, which has a joint venture with Carborundum Company USA and Universal Grinding Wheel Company UK, he said. The company manufactures abrasives, refractory and industrial ceramics. Also, it is a low-debt company whose fundamentals are strong and have a good return ratio. FIIs and DIIs own 36.4% stakes in this company. Apart from that, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) also owns 1.3% stake in this company, Sethi added.  
Target: 875
Stop Loss: Rs 770

Short-Term Pick: Heidelberg cement
Sethi recommended Heidelberg cement stocks as his short-term pick. He said this stock is trading at the level of Rs 174.

This is a German parentage company, he said. With approximately 6.3-million-ton capacity, it is an excellent company of the cement sector. Its plants are in MP, UP, and Karnataka. They take over Mysore cement, so they have a brand name Mycem cement which is very popular. Fundamentals are excellent and margins are better, return ratios are good and the debt-equity ratio is 0.12%, he said.
Target: 190
Stop Loss: Rs 165

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