Misplaced Husband? Steffy Believes Liam Is Her Hubby

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Do the Bold and the Beautiful writers not have a bible of what has happened in the last 35 years? – We’re (metaphorically) throwing popcorn at the screen. Having woken up from her coma, Steffy believes she misplaced her husband. Unfortunately, though, it is not Finn. It’s Liam we’re talking about here. The second everyone’s favourite renowned waffler walked into her hospital room; she was overwhelmed with joy. We’ve mentioned in a previous post that he told her he would always love her. So please don’t tell me that it wasn’t leading to anything because it was.

Anyone who knows how this show and other soap operas work will know there is build up. B&B is notorious for rehashing storylines. They don’t listen to the audience’s pleas for something different. The only part they did listen to was having Steffy find a new man. But, wait. She now has no memory of her new life and is reliving her former life with Liam. If that’s not a misplaced notion of not giving a single fuck, I don’t know what is.

So, in this post, I wanted to go over the whole storyline beginning with Sheila showing up at the wedding.

Misplaced Guest List And Jack’s Affair Exposed

As Steffy and Finn exchange vows in front of their families, they’re hit with a bombshell. Sheila shows up while the hot doc takes a phone call in the guesthouse, revealing she’s the doctor’s biological mother.

Finn had no idea of the drama that surrounded Sheila and the Forresters and became excited to introduce her to the others. However, chaos exploded the second the villain walked through the front door. Brooke drops her glass to the ground, and Steffy howls at how Carter shot her mother, depriving her, Thomas, and Phoebe of Taylor for years.

The aftermath was the wedding was messy as everyone came to terms with Finn and Sheila sharing DNA. Steffy also could sign the marriage certificate while everything was out of control. What I found odd was this wasn’t brought up again.

Anyway, Sheila became obsessed with Finn and baby Finn. She believed that because she’s the doc’s mother, she had access to him and the child. Steffy and Brooke did everything in their power to keep her away. Also, it was during this time that Jack’s affair with Sheila came to light, revealing he’s the biological father of his ‘adoptive’ son.

Li and Finn are upset, leaving Jack to ponder his lifelong mistake.

Sheila Continues To Worm Into The Family By Befriending Taylor And The Vendetta Against Brooke

Taylor’s return to Los Angeles was a surprise to her family. However, it also gave Sheila a chance to befriend her. Yeah, okay. You would think that the shrink would’ve been more cautious, given the woman shot her.

Anyway, Taylor invited Sheila to celebrate Christmas with them and ever since the villain has been hooked. Doctor Hayes was the only person to show her kindness. It’s basically in her job description to understand all sides of the equation.

Steffy is hesitant and will do anything to protect her children, especially her infant son.

Brooke puts her foot down and tells Sheila she will NEVER be a part of Hayes’ life. This gives the psycho a boost to expand her vendetta. She switches the non-alcoholic champagne Brooke orders with the real stuff. Moreover, this results in her getting drunk with Deacon, kissing him, and sleeping in the same bed as him but not having sex.

Finn’s Last Stand

As the truth trickles out, Finn rushes to the restaurant, knowing Steffy is there, confronting Sheila. He hurries out the back to find his biological mother pointing a gun at his wife. As the weapon (which has a silencer) goes off, the doc takes the bullet intended for Steffy. He falls dead on a pile of trash bags.

Steffy is then shot when she tries to ring 911. Sheila, realising she killed her son, runs for it.

After Deacon finds the couple, he rings emergency services. Finn is declared dead and is taken away. Steffy is clinging to life and is transferred to a stretcher and rushed to the hospital, where Bridget meets them.


Steffy has woken up, but has no memory of being shot or that her husband is dead. Her family attempts to get her to remember what happened.

Meanwhile, Sheila tries to end her life by jumping off the hospital roof. Taylor, worried about her, follows her and stops her but ends up tripping and almost dies when she is thrown over the roof when she tries to pull Carter back from the ledge.

Going back to Steffy, she’s awake and struggling to remember what happened. She cannot recall anything, and it’s frustrating. However, when the charming misplaced husband, Liam, walks in, she s much happier.

What Happens With The “Misplaced” Husband?

Given what the promo shows, he tells Hope and Brooke that Steffy believes they’re still married. There was also a spoiler that says that they’re deadset against whatever Steffy’s treatment is, which I assume will include having Liam pretend to be still married to her. They’ll likely make out that little Hayes is Liam’s son.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I would NOT want my husband (if I were married) to pretend to be his ex’s spouse while they got better—no way in hell. I’d threaten divorce if he agreed to it.

We know that Liam will go for it because he still loves Steffy, and as he said the other day, he would always love her.

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