Mum-of-ten leaves fans flabbergasted by sharing her £ 1,140 Easter bill

Mum-of-ten Alicia Dougherty is a TikTok sensation and went viral after revealing how much she spent on her kids at Easter – but with a big family it must be hard to keep the cost down

Alicia Dougherty has a large family

A mum -of-ten has left her fans in shock when she revealed how much she spends on her kids at Easter – and it is quite a lot of money.

Alicia Dougherty regularly goes viral on TikTok when she shares how she manages to cope with so many children, and she’s talked about how much it can cost.

Now she’s shared the steps she takes to make sure her family have a special Easter holiday, which includes making each of them a unique gift basket.

In total, once all the Easter eggs and other presents are bought, Alicia, from America, spends over £ 1,140 on her family – and she added that she spends a similar amount each year.

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Taking to YouTube, Alicia said: “Easter is one month away but I’ve learned the hard way that you’ve got to shop ahead of time when you’re shopping for ten kids because you need ten of everything.

“If you shop too close to the holiday they’re wiped out. Shopping is oddly my me-time, I enjoy it.”

In the video, she goes to a shop and picks up Easter gifts for her children, before grabbing each child a blanket, a fishing rod, chocolates, marshmallows, and other small items.

In total, she spends $ 843.40 (£ 650), but she adds that she also spent $ 640 (£ 490) on other gifts for them all, bringing the total up to £ 1,140.

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Previously, we reported how Alicia was dubbed a ‘superwoman’ by her fans, when she hit back at trolls who blasted her for spending £ 876 on her weekly shop.

TikTok star Alicia Dougherty, @doughertydozen, regularly shares videos from her day-to-day life and takes the app by storm as people are shocked by the chaotic life of the family-of-12 and quite honestly, we’re in awe.

She uploads clips of herself preparing meals for the bread, as she expertly remembers all the various different eating requirements for each of her children – all of which she appears to do at an impressive speed.

But some have trolled the doting mum, saying she spends too much on shopping and buys the wrong food – so now she’s hit back at them with a new video.

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