Muslim women in Liverpool face abuse following terrorist attacks

Incidents of violence against Muslim women have been reported in the area of ​​Liverpool, where a terrorist attack was carried out on Sunday, according to a Member of Parliament.

Labor’s Kim Johnson represents the constituency that includes Liverpool’s Women’s Hospital, where the deadly car bombing took place.

Today, Ms. Johnson called for unity and the city, reporting that her office has had reports of Muslim women in the area being targeted for abuse.

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In Parliament, she said: “Liverpool has always been a diverse and welcoming city and we are proud to be a city of refuge, now more than ever we need to work together to support our communities and show that we remain united against those who seek to share us.

“Incidents like these always result in an increase in racial hatred, especially in the Muslim community, and my team has heard of incidents where women wearing the hijab have been abused.”

She asked Home Secretary Kit Malthouse to review the funding faith groups receive for protection, especially in times of increased risk like this.

Liverpool Riverside MP Kim Johnson

Mrs Johnson added: “We must take the opportunity to learn from this tragic affair and take steps towards a more effective asylum and immigration system.”

“As we continue to search for the truth behind this horrific incident, we must be alert but not alarmed, we must remain calm, take care of each other and take ourselves together as the great diverse city we are and not allow anyone to try to take advantage of this situation to divide us.

“It is times like these that we must stand in solidarity and renew our determination and remember that we have much more that unites us than separates us.”

Explosion of Liverpool Women’s Hospital

Other local MPs supported this call for unity and protection of minority groups.

Walton Representative Dan Carden said: “Liverpool is a welcoming city, a city of refuge, but we are not immune to minority communities from feeling vulnerable at times like this, I would invite the Minister to reassure those communities that the government is working with local leaders to ensure their safety and security in the coming weeks. “

In response, Mr Malthouse said: “Community harmony has been good in Liverpool and I do not hope this will have an impact on this.

“I know the two mayors and the police commissioner will do their best to bind the community together.”

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