NJ misses 4/20 party by a day with recreational weed sales debut. That’s by design.

New Jersey missing 4/20 by a day in its rollout of recreational marijuana sales is not ironic.

But it would sit nicely alongside that black fly in your Chardonnay and rain on your wedding day in Alanis Morissette’s hit song.

Starting Thursday, April 21, adult recreational marijuana users 21 and older can purchase up to an ounce of weed per sale at local dispensaries without a medical card. At least six alternative treatment centers that sell medical marijuana in New Jersey are onboard for the inaugural legal recreational sales at 10 stores.

But why Thursday when the calendar served up an altogether appropriate occasion just a day earlier?

In the decades since a few ’70s teens in San Rafael, California made 4:20 pm marijuana o’clock, 4/20 became the day for all things cannabis.

So why miss the unofficial weed holiday?

Simply put, we could not handle the heat … at least not yet.

“Selecting 4/20 for opening day would have presented unmanageable logistical challenges for patients and other buyers, surrounding communities, and for municipalities,” said Toni-Anne Blake, spokeswoman for the Cannabis Regulatory Commission, which is charged with regulating the nascent industry.

“Regulators and industry representatives agreed that it was not feasible,” Blake told NJ Advance Media.

Jay and Silent Bob

Stoners Jay and Silent Bob have been celebrating for years … but now it’s legal.Darren Michaels | The Weinstein Company

Despite the points made by the state Cannabis Regulatory Commission, the notion of a calendar snafu – or poor planning – emerged as a common response after the news of legal weed sales broke last week.

Some were prompted to direct criticism to Gov. Phil Murphy and the @NJGov Twitter account (which is too busy arguing with Delaware or something).

The overarching gripe: How did we mess this up? 4/20 was right there.

NJCI - cannabis flower for cover

To legally purchase your ounce or less for recreational purposes in Jersey, you’ll have to wait out 4/20.Aristide Economopoulos for NJ Ad

It’s safe to say that the state’s official opening day will not stop those driven to celebrate 4/20 from doing just that Wednesday.

The Jay and Silent Bobs of Jersey – and the world – have long partaken of the bud at 4:20 (or any other time) on any day of the calendar, legal or not.

(In light of legalization in Jersey, “Clerks” director Kevin Smith says the dynamic stoner duo will run their own weed store in “Clerks III,” due out this year.)

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