Parents are not happy with the ‘terrible’ squid spill doll at Trafford Center

A huge squid game attraction at Trafford Center has not fallen into good soil with some parents.

The Korean TV series revolves around a deadly competition in which players who are in deep financial debt risk their lives in an attempt to win huge amounts of cash.

Notoriously bloody scenes see competitors shot down if caught in motion by a giant puppet during the game – similar to What time is it, Mr. Wolf? in Great Britain.

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A huge three-meter-high animatronic doll appeared in the mall over the weekend – a copy of the one used in the infamous ‘Red Light, Green Light’ episode of the Netflix show, reports the Manchester Evening News.

In response to a video of the doll on Facebook, a number of parents said it was “inappropriate” and “horrific”.

Susan Ward wrote: “I was a massive fan of this program, it was great, but it really is not for kids who see / access the mall, should be ashamed of themselves!”

The giant doll appears in some particularly bloody scenes in the Korean TV show

Grace Angela Parkinson said, “This program is violent and it should never have been allowed in a family environment.”

Helen Sarah said: “Not sure this is appropriate in the middle of a busy mall.

“My 5 and 6 year old do not know what Squid Game is, but have asked me because a teacher mentioned in school in the assembly that they were not allowed to see it.

“They can both read, so no doubt when we go to Trafford Center, my 6-year-old will read the signs and know a little about [the show] as she did not know before … as a teacher and parent this is not a good move, we are trying to protect our children from this.

“Do not promote it in areas frequented by families.”

Gemma Louise Cooke agreed: “Do not want children to see it, but put it in the middle of the Trafford Center on a busy, rainy Saturday, good one.”

Susan Corlett said she was surprised that Trafford Center executives allowed its appearance and said, “Terrible program and really should not be in there.”

Not everyone was opposed to the attraction, which was in the Trafford Center for just one day last Saturday as part of a wider tour of shopping malls.

Lindsay Gibbons said: “It’s also acceptable to tell your kids that it’s from a program for adults and older kids and adjust your Netflix settings so your kids can not watch it.

“As a parent, you set your own boundaries, and a crazy doll in a mall is not really a big challenge for parenting.”

Shelly Bridden wrote: “I knew what Chucky looked like when I was little, but never saw Child’s Play. It’s the same. Just a doll from a show I have not seen.”

When the doll’s arrival was announced, it was announced that only people over the age of 16 would be invited to interact with the attraction, where fans also received a free circular cookie, carved with various shapes from the series.

A spokesman for the Trafford Center said: “The activation of the Squid Game in the center was a static one-day selfie opportunity for adult fans of the popular Netflix TV show.

“The doll appeared as part of a UK tour where fans aged 16 and over could see the doll up close and pose next to it for pictures.

“Anyone under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult.”

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