Patrice Evra confirms former Manchester United team-mate Ji-Sung Park is his son’s godfather

Patrice Evra has opened up about his close friendship with former Manchester United team-mate Ji-sung Park, while confirming that the 40-year-old has become his son’s godfather.

Back in April, the former French international “best friend” paid tribute to Park in a video on social media, suggesting he would be his child’s godfather.

“He’s such a great guy,” Evra said. “In fact, he is the godfather of my future child.”

Two weeks later, the United legend welcomed his first child with fiancé Margaux Alexandra into the world.

In a post on Instagram, he wrote: “Special moments skin to skin with our son Lilas Latyr Evra aka loses ‘I love this game’ Jr.

“Born Monday, May 3, 2021. I can not describe how lucky, blessed, and proud I am of Margaux.

“You were powerful, not because you were not afraid, but because you continued so strongly in spite of your fears. You are my rock my universe my everything!”

When a fan asked how he got so close to the South Korean midfielder, the Frenchman explained: “Because I like shy people! When someone does not open up too much, that’s when I go to those people.

“Ji is the godfather of my son, he’s more than a friend. I actually talked to him this morning, so it just came naturally.

“He’s such a humble person, but he’s a funny guy too. You do not see that side, for he only shows it to me. He is a real brother.”

Ji Sung-Park has also said lovingly about the couple’s friendship at Manchester United and beyond.

“At first we did not get along at all,” the former United midfielder told United’s official website. “After that, I do not really know how it happened, but we just slowly started to get closer to each other.

“He moved to Alderley Edge and later suggested I do it too, so we lived close to each other and we were together on video games, too.

“At the time, I think we both played Pro Evolution Soccer. When we first started playing it, we often got together at each other’s homes to have dinner, play games, and we just got closer that way.

“I did not speak French, he did not speak Korean, and none of us spoke good English, so I guess the football language helped!”

Image credit: PA
Image credit: PA

Park continued: “In the first few months he [Evra] was quite quiet around the club. It did not last too long!

“He needed to know everything and everyone before he showed his full character.

“When he knew the club, knew the players, he was more comfortable then, and everyone got to see that he had a huge personality, and he got a big impact in the locker room.

Patrice is loud. Everyone knows that now. Probably in the top three in that group. Rio, Gary, Patrice. I think everyone would guess that the three were the loudest in that locker room! “


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