Pencil me in! Meet the lunch break gallery sketchers | Saturday Review

What did you do in your lunch break? Pop to Pret? Queue at Boots? Scroll through Instagram with one hand while eating pasta salad with the other? Wouldn’t you like to do something more . . . inspiring?

Tom Hemming spends his lunch breaks sketching. A quick sandwich at his desk, then off for lunch with Caravaggio, Rubens and Turner. I came across Hemming while scrolling through Instagram on one of my own unproductive, put-the-washing-on lunch breaks. By day, Hemming is an art handler at the National Gallery. By night, or rather between 1pm and 2pm, he is a gallery draughtsman. Sketchbook out, headphones in. He posts as @lunch_break_drawings.

I meet Hemming on the hottest day of the year in Room 35 at the

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