Pink Moon 2022: 10 tips to take photos with your smartphone

Gadgets Now Bureau15 Apr, 2022, 08:18 AM IST

Pink Moon 2022: 10 tips to take photos with your smartphone


April’s full moon, the ‘Pink Moon’ will be visible in India on April 17 at 12:25 am. If you want to capture the moon in its ‘Pink avatar’, the best way to do that is with a DSLR camera. However, in case you do not have one and want to use your smartphone, here are some helpful tips for you:


Find the right spot

Find a dark, clear and high spot without any obstruction. Make sure that there’s no obstruction in the view such as wires or polls, etc.


Use tripod

Use tripod to get a stable and blur-free shot


Avoid using flash, it can ruin your shot

Make sure to turn off the flash as the moon is 384,400 kilometers from the earth and the flash will not make any difference. Instead it will ruin your shot by illuminating the dust particles and surrounding.


Use HDR to capture slightly better and image details

Make sure that the HDR mode is enabled. HDR usually boosts the image quality and this can help you get better moon shots.


Use built-in timer or remote shutter

Always use the built-in timer or a remote shutter to trigger the shutter in such situations. This will help you get clear, sharp and shake-free shots.


Use optical zoom

Digital zoom reduces the image quality. So make sure to only use optical zoom. Most modern smartphones offer at least 2x or 3x optical zoom sensors in their smartphones.


Use full resolution that the smartphone offers

Most modern smartphones come with up to high resolution sensors like 64MP or 50MP or 108MP sensors. If available, switch to full resolution mode and then capture the shot.


Moon is the subject, focus on that

While shooting, tap on the moon and lock the focus by long pressing on it. This will ensure that the moon is in focus.


Reduce the exposure

Tap on the moon to bring up the exposure control and then reduce it to minimum.


Create timelapse video

You can also record a timelapse video to get a cinematic feel.

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