Poison Ivy fans, rejoice! Batman #117 is the book for you

November 16’s Batman #117 is advertised as the finale of the current ‘Fear State’ crossover event running through the Bat-family titles, but in the ending is a new beginning to a classic duo in DC Comics.

(Image credit: Jorge Jimenez/Tomeu Morey/Clayton Cowles (DC))

Spoilers ahead for Batman #117

Although ‘Fear State’ isn’t about Poison Ivy centrally, she has appeared in the crossover event as a villainous version of herself, despite last being seen as relatively heroic in recent issues of Catwoman. Poison Ivy has been fairly unpredictable in recent years, oscillating between hero and villain depending on the storyline – confusing fans of the characters, and comic readers in general.

Although seemingly unplanned at the time, Batman #117 by James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez pulls it all together by saying that there have indeed been multiple Poison Ivies running around the DC Universe for years – even before her death/resurrection in Heroes in Crisis. No, this isn’t multiversal variants – it’s something more grounded… or planted, rather.

Batman #117 excerpt (Image credit: Jorge Jimenez/Tomeu Morey/Clayton Cowles (DC))

According to Harley, “right before” 2018’s Batman #41 when Poison Ivy attacked Gotham the last time, the recently-introduced DC villain the Gardener was worried she may not survive and spliced off “the most precious innocent part of you and put it in a seed and planted it safely away.” (“Away” being in the caverns underneath Gotham City.) 

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