Police called to Lulworth illegal rave on Easter Sunday

HUNDREDS of people trespassed for an illegal rave on Easter Sunday, with music heard up to 11 miles away leaving residents unable to sleep.

More than 1,000 people were at the ‘unauthorized gathering’ on land near East Lulworth, with Dorset Police officers spending hours at the scene in an attempt to break it up and disperse the crowds.

The event is understood to have started just after midnight on Easter Sunday, with reports of hundreds of cars and vehicles traveling through the small village en route to the event.

Vehicles were also seen parked on verges, with residents reporting some revelers in their gardens and music vibrating through walls all night.

Illegal rave in Dorset. Photo by Graham Hunt

One person said they had seen party-goers “passed out”, with people coming and going throughout the early hours.

An East Lulworth resident told the Daily Echo: “The village is full of people who have clearly been to the rave. There are cars all over the place, people passed out in laybys.

“I’ve probably seen a good 50-100 people walking through.

“My neighbor told me she caught four people in her back garden.”

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The rave could be heard by people in Wareham and even as far away as Lytchett Fields, which is 11 miles from East Lulworth.

A Wareham couple living six miles away from the rave site said: “This is not a vague background noise, it is clearly audible inside even with the doors and windows closed – and drowns out all other sounds.

Bournemouth Echo: Illegal rave in Dorset.  Photo by Graham HuntIllegal rave in Dorset. Photo by Graham Hunt

“We understand that the ravers are having fun, but they are doing so at the expense of every single person living within a 10-mile radius.”

Last night, Dorset Police confirmed they had dispersed the rave at East Lulworth.

South East Purbeck councilor Cherry Brooks said: “It’s disrespectful, especially because it happened on Easter Sunday. Many people within the area have family visiting – and a lot of people could not get any sleep. It woke me up around 4am.

“It’s thoughtless behavior.”

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said they had received a number of calls from concerned residents.

Officers were working closely with fire services, Dorset Council, Ministry of Defense and other agencies to deal with the incident, they added.

Roads were closed around East Lulworth for hours.

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Dorset Police deputy chief constable, Sam de Reya said: “Understandably, we have received a number of calls from concerned and upset residents who have had their sleep disturbed by the noise levels coming from the illegal event.

“Anyone trying to access the area will be prevented from doing so and directed to leave immediately.

“We are fully aware of the distress and disruption that is being caused to residents and visitors, many of whom have experienced consistent loud noise coming from the site.

Bournemouth Echo:

“On a busy holiday weekend such an unauthorized event is negatively impacting on local Easter events, businesses and the rural community causing disruption as well as distress to livestock on farmland.”

She added: “It will come as no surprise that emergency services are already busy on a beautiful sunny Easter weekend and such irresponsible behavior is adding to the demand.

“We are keen to hear from anyone with information about those involved in organizing the event or who has witnessed offenses committed. I would like to thank the public for reporting the issue to us and appreciate their patience while the matter is being resolved.

“Again, I would like to send a direct message to those at the event – you are trespassing, please leave and go home immediately.”

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