“Possible ID” on member of Surrey Quays angle grinder bicycle theft bands passed to police

The cyclist, whose e-bike was filmed being stolen by a gang with a portable angle grinder outside a shopping center in south London on Saturday, says the attention the footage, first highlighted by road.cc in our story on Sunday, has got has got. led to him receiving a “possible ID” for one of the suspects, which he has passed on to the police, who have said the gang is known by them.

> Thieves use angle grinder to steal Trek bike locked outside busy mall

Adem Lakeman wrote on the Stolen Bikes in London Facebook page with a link to our story: “My bike, a Trek Powerfly 4, was stolen outside Surrey Quays Shopping on Saturday 6 November.

“I’m sure some people might have seen the video of them already cutting the lock over with an angle grinder.

“I want to thank the people who get involved, share the video and give it more attention.

“I have received information from one of the bystanders who took the video, which has helped me tremendously… even to get a possible address, which I have passed on to the police. Thank you all,” he continued.

In a response to the Facebook thread, he added: “I have received a message to me with a possible ID of one of the thieves. In addition, the police said they are known.

“The Lord who took one of the videos has been incredibly helpful in sharing the video and sending me any information that comes his way.”

Quoted on Mail Online, the 31-year-old cycling mechanic at Cycles UK in Greenwich said, “I felt sick after seeing my bike stolen. When I suffer from anxiety, it’s the only way I feel comfortable. to get around.

“When I started watching the videos that were shared on social media, I felt better knowing that people I do not know helped me find the thieves and shared the theft online.

“The officer who came in to file a report told the victim that if they find it, they should call their number and that they will hold an undercover meeting,” he added.

The footage was filmed by road.cc reader Martin Pelant, who passed it on to police officers as well as the bike owner when he arrived.

He told us on Sunday that he was considering intervening further, but he was worried that the situation would become violent and whether the gang might carry weapons.

After asking the man with the angle grinder, “Is this your bike?” and when he got no answer, he continued filming.

“I focused on the one I could get a clear face of,” he said. “I just hope someone can recognize them and that they get arrested. I had never thought that such a thing could happen in broad daylight with an angle grinder in front of all people.

“There were quite a few people passing by, and some of them were observing from a distance. Another spectator was already on the phone with the police, who arrived after 15 minutes. Unfortunately, the mall’s security is located at the other entrance.”

Metropolitan Police are continuing their investigation into the theft and have asked anyone with information to contact officers on 101 or by tweeting @MetCC with reference number CAD3931 / 06NOV.

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