Postman Pat: Welcome to Greendale to open at Sale Waterside

ORIGINAL set from Postman Pat is soon on show for the first time on sale.

On the occasion of 40 years since the stop-motion TV series started, the free ‘Welcome to Greendale’ exhibition opens at Waterside on Saturday 20 November.

It is set to include features from the village of Greendale and the town of Pencaster, including Postman Pat’s cottage, school, lighthouse and Pencaster Square.

All of the above were in danger of being destroyed as a plant in Tameside was no longer able to store them.

However, Peter Saunders of Altrincham’s Mackinnon & Saunders studio, who produced the last two series of Postman Pat, was unwilling to let that happen.

He said: “When Mackinnon & Saunders became aware of the dangerous situation, I contacted the Cosgrove Hall Films Archive at Waterside to ask if their animation archive could come to Greendale’s rescue.

“The team at Waterside offered to help, and thanks to their hard work and dedication, many of the models in this unique British piece of popular culture have been saved for future generations.”

(Photo: Peter Saunders / Mackinnon & Saunders)

Richard Evans of Creative Industries Trafford, based on Waterside, said: “We were so excited when we were contacted by Peter and asked if we could possibly accommodate these amazing sets from Postman Pat.

“When we already had some puppets from the show in the archive and the scenery was to be destroyed, we just decided to become the new guardians.

“After a meeting with the rights holders of Postman Pat, Dreamworks and NBC Universal, where we explained our approach to the archive to celebrate Cosgrove Hall’s legacy, both companies were happy to donate the sets and props to our archive.

“Knowing how much loved this TV series was and still is, and how beautifully preserved many of these sets have been, we have created this exhibition specifically to share these rarely seen sets, dolls and props with the series’ fans – both big and small .”

The free ‘Welcome to Greendale’ exhibition opens at Waterside on Saturday 20 November and lasts until Saturday 8 January.

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