Prestwich Drag Supper Club that’s fit for a Queen

Panama Hatty’s, Prestwich, is tucked away just off the main road, but there is no chance of missing the venue once the queens are in full swing.

Lights, music, singing, dancing, and an untameable amount of laughter guided many to the doors of the already sold-out show as passers-by tried to get tables inside.  

Sean Roche, 43, Prestwich, is the restaurant manager at Panama Hatty’s and said he wanted to bring drag to the area.

He said: “We’re having a two-hour drag performance with Banskie and Lady Bushra.

“We do this once a month on a Wednesday night, it is very popular and this is our third event.

“The first one sold out in 24 hours, the second almost sold out and tonight’s sold out in three days.”

Bury Times: Cocktails at Panama Hatty'sCocktails at Panama Hatty’s

Handed one of the most creative cocktails I have seen ‘Water off a Ducks Back’, we settled down at our table as customers quickly filled the room, eager to watch the show.

Tickets for the event are priced at just under £40 and entitle customers to the show, as well as bottomless Sol Beer, Prosecco and Aperol Spritz.

On top of that, customers get starters and mains of their choice to keep them fed throughout.

Admittedly, I was apprehensive of what to expect with this being my first drag show.

As a person who cringes at stand-up comedy or any type of audience-involved performance, it was easy to think I would be able to maintain my composure, watch the show and leave shortly after.

It is safe to say, that is not what happened, I have never felt more comfortable in a room full of strangers and “the energy in the room was electrifying”.  

Bury Times: Lady Bushra at Panama Hatty'sLady Bushra at Panama Hatty’s

Lady Bushra had me laughing harder than I have done in a while, so much so my cheeks are still sore from smiling.

It seems this wasn’t unique to me as there wasn’t an unhappy face in the room.

The free-flowing fizz, feel-good music and incredibly timed jokes set everyone’s mood at an incredible high.

Bury Times: Banksie at Panama Hatty'sBanksie at Panama Hatty’s

Manchester Queen, Banskie, wowed the room in a floor length gown, startling crimson wig and an elegance you only expect runway models to have.

Banksie said: “We are bringing drag to this beautiful bar Prestwich; we are having an amazing time and I have loved every minute.

“I would love to come back, but it depends if they would let me!”

Bury Times: Banksie and Lady Bushra at Panama Hatty'sBanksie and Lady Bushra at Panama Hatty’s

Bushra then chipped in: “They are a really energetic bunch, it is so nice. Not to make everything about me – but I am going to, normally I am nervous when I go to new areas.

“You worry what people will be like, will they get my jokes or is it going to be another Skegness… but these lot are great.”

Bury Times: Banksie performing at Panama Hatty'sBanksie performing at Panama Hatty’s

Although on face value, £40 may seem a lot for a ‘bottomless brunch’, servers were anything but stingy, bringing bottles and jugs to tables as soon as a glass began looking even half empty.

Expecting the show to be the main event, we were very pleasantly surprised by how incredible the food was.

Bury Times: Food at Panama Hatty'sFood at Panama Hatty’s

We enjoyed slow-roasted pork loin ribs in barbecue sauce, salt n pepper wings, French fries and coleslaw, as well as the siracha chicken kebab with corn, cucumber and mint yoghurt.

Bury Times: Bin bag show at Panama Hatty'sBin bag show at Panama Hatty’s

Then, for desert, a bin bag fashion show as the Queens brought hen parties, birthday girls/boys and customers on stage to fashion bin bags into catwalk worthy outfits.

The show was incredible, the service was second to none, and in the wise words of Lady Bushra,‘the energy in the room was electrifying’.  

After the show ended, Panama moved onto its next bottomless event, bottomless Abba songs.Bury Times: Customers danced to Abba after the show Customers danced to Abba after the show

Customers took to the dance floor and continued partying late into the night.

Although it is just once a month, it gives the event a special feel and customers something to look forward to.

Sean said: “One a month is definitely the right amount for numbers, but we want to have lots of different drag queens or kings coming in from all backgrounds and have a diverse mix of talent.”

We were served by the amazingly friendly Karolina Rommel, who expertly navigated her way across the dancefloor, around the performing Queens all whilst carrying food and drink.  

It was an experience I will never forget and I cant wait for next month’s show.  

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