Raspy Boris Johnson ‘sounds awful’ as he delivers Covid warning

Raspy Boris Johnson 'sounds awful' as he delivers Christmas covid warning

Boris Johnson said it sparked speculation that he may have a cold after holding a press conference with a hoarse voice (Image: Reuters / PA)

Has Boris Johnson caught a cold?

The Prime Minister has sparked suspicion that he may be suffering from a cold after delivering Monday’s press briefing on coronavirus with a ‘raspy’ voice.

When Mr Johnson also spoke to the nation about the situation following the Liverpool bombing, people who also saw the Prime Minister’s voice intercepted and remarked that he sounded “crowded”.

During the briefing, he could be heard trying to escape, and the ‘hoarse’ and ‘grueling’ nature of his voice made many question whether the Prime Minister has a cold.

A Twitter user said: ‘Just caught up with the @ 10DowningStreet press conference Boris Johnson. Is he ill? It sounds terribly hoarse and a little snotty. ‘

Others commented and said, “he sounds sick and sick” and “Boris sounds sick, sounds very congested, Oops hope it is not [Covid] again’.

Johnson also issued a stern warning that more restrictions could not be ruled out.

Raspy Boris Johnson 'sounds awful' as he delivers Christmas covid warning

Boris Johnson sounded ‘a bit snotty’ when he gave Monday’s press briefing (Photo: AP)

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Speaking in a typically colorful language, Mr Johnson urged people to remain vigilant against rising infection rates both here and in Europe.

He said “storm clouds” were gathering over Europe, which is experiencing rising rates of coronavirus infection, and urged those eligible to step forward with booster jabs.

He said: ‘It would be a complete tragedy if people who had done the right thing by being vaccinated twice, after all we’ve been through, ended up getting seriously ill or even losing their lives because they dropped their immunity. . ‘

Asked whether he could guarantee there would be no new lockdown over Christmas, Mr Johnson said: ‘Obviously we can not rule out anything and the most important thing people can do to prevent that. additional NPIs being taken are that – non-pharmaceutical interventions, i.e. further restrictions – get the boosters. ‘

Johnson was also asked about his decision not to wear a mask while visiting places such as a hospital where ‘he could have expected to carry one’.

In response, he said: ‘I wear a mask wherever the rules say I should and I urge everyone else to do the same and people will actually have seen me wear facewear a lot more regularly recently as we have seen the numbers tick up in the UK and I think that is the responsible thing to do and I will continue to do so. ‘

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