Red Dead Redemption 2 Player Accidentally Shuts Corpse in a Cabinet

A hilarious Red Dead Redemption 2 clip captures a player trying to loot bodies and pick up items accidentally stuffing a body into a cabinet.

With a huge open world to explore and one of Rockstar’s best stories to date, it’s no wonder why Red Dead Redemption 2 was and is successful. While not the massive moneymaker that Grand Theft Auto 5 has become, Red Dead Redemption 2 succeeded in other areas, taking home the most awards at 2018’s Game Awards ceremony.

Though not exactly indicative of its success, the game was beloved by fans for many reasons, one of which was its harmless bugs and glitches. Easily found in most open world games, bugs and glitches can be a negative, but sometimes lead to hilarious and memorable moments like Red Dead Redemption 2 rabbit hunting gone wrong.


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Luckily, in a game as massive as this one, these funny moments are numerous, with many players experiencing at least a handful on their journeys as Arthur Morgan. While to some they can be frustrating, for many glitches like Red Dead Redemption 2‘s John Marston falling through the floor add a new level of charm and comedy to the game experience. Recently, another clip showcased a previously unknown feature in the game: the player can actually stuff corpses into cabinets.

Reddit user bluegraystrange was the one to discover the strange ability, capturing it in a clip. Within, bluegraystrange seems to have just raided a random house, killing the NPCs and looting their belongings in a move akin to Micah’s evil nature in Red Dead Redemption 2. However, the clip quickly takes a turn for the shocking and hilarious as bluegraystrange accidentally shuts one of the NPC’s corpses into their own cabinet, effectively hiding their body in a move straight out of Splinter Cell or Hitman.

Reddit users were blown away and amused by the discovery, with many comments cracking jokes about the moment. One user joked they now knew how they were going to spend their Sunday, to which another concerned user asked if they were going to spend it stuffing bodies into cupboards. Another user quipped that a new game had just been born: “Hitman 4: Red Dead Edition. “Yet another user continued this joke, renaming Arthur to Arthur 47 in honor of the Hitman series’ main character.

The next step in this discovery is to see whether this is actually an effective way to hide bodies from NPCs. For example, in Skyrim players could easily steal from NPCs by simply placing a pot or bucket over their head. Considering the incredible detail put into Red Dead Redemption 2 horse riding, it would be awesome to see a future update or mod dedicated to adding stealth elements like this into the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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