Richard Madeley leaves I’m A Celebrity after being driven to hospital and ‘breaking the Covid bubble’

After leaving the set of I’m A Celebrity, Richard Madeley broke the ‘Covid bubble’ and is unable to return, reports ITV News correspondent Rebecca Barry

Richard Madeley said he is “run” when he confirmed he will not return to the ITV show I’m a celebrity … get me out of here after being driven to the hospital.

The Good Morning Britain Host was driven to the hospital in the early hours Thursday due to a sudden illness, but because he had “broken the Covid ‘bubble'”, he is unable to return to the set of the reality series.

The 65-year-old fell ill early in the morning and was cared for by the show’s medical staff before being rushed to hospital as a “precautionary measure”.

In a statement, Madeley assured viewers and fans that he is “just fine”.

He explained: “I started to feel uncomfortable for a short time in the wee hours of the morning and was rushed to hospital as a precautionary measure.

“By leaving the camp I had therefore broken the Covid ‘bubble’, and as such I have had to leave the castle and all the wonderful celebrities left in the camp.

“Obviously I’m sorry to leave so soon, but the safety of all campers is a top priority.

“I’m incredibly excited to see their journey continue … even more so with the prospect of being somewhere a little warmer than Gwrych Castle …

“Thank you to everyone who supported me on my short but completely unforgettable adventure – I have made some good friends and honestly had the time of my life.”

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Daughter Chloe Madeley, who had spoken to her father, also told ITV News that the TV host was “perfectly fine”.

She said ITV took Madeley to the hospital as a precautionary measure because he had taken a funny turn.

She said: “Because he has broken the Covid bubble, he can now not return to camp.”

Richard Madeley and his daughter Chloe Madeley in 2014. Credit: Dominic Lipinski / PA

I’m A Celebrity said in a statement: “Our strict Covid protocols mean that Richard has unfortunately had to leave the show as he is no longer in the bubble that celebrities form when they enter the castle.

“He’s been a really brilliant campmate and we thank him for being a part of this series.”

A spokesman for the Welsh Ambulance Service said: “We were called at 05.43 this morning, Thursday 25 November 2021, for reports of a medical emergency at Gwrych Castle in Abergele, Conwy.

“We sent a paramedic in an emergency vehicle and an emergency ambulance to the scene, and a patient was taken to the hospital.”

In Wednesday’s episode of I’m a Celebrity, Madeley slipped her head first into a sewer of rotten fruits and vegetables during a lawsuit called Castle Kitchen Nightmares.

Madeley had to hunt for 10 hidden stars in a room “full of castle animals” when rotten food was thrown down on him.

The reality TV show usually takes place in Australia, but Covid travel restrictions mean that the show will once again take place at Gwrych Castle in Wales. This is the second year the show has been recorded there.

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